uniform: the perfect hoodie

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hi :) just going to start off by saying that my next post is a lot dressier, so i thought i would share something more realistic.. because i pretty much live in hoodies regardless of the occasion or dress code 🙈

hoodie, jeans, vans, done. call it a uniform.

when i moved to the current house i’m in, i had a big box of hoodies that somehow got lost in the move.. a giant moving box and just totally, magically lost. i’m still a little sad over it because i hadn’t had a chance to wear some them yet! i’ve slowly been re-building my collection because you can never have too many comfy clothes. it’s kind of a blessing in disguise because although it feels weird to buy hoodies because you obviously get a ton for free in high school and college. i look teenager enough as it is and would rather not add to that. but anyways..

i wanted to go ahead and link some of my faves that are really easy to wash (don’t shrink too much) and wear out and about without looking a little too lazy because there’s really nothing better than the perfect hoodie.

uniform: the perfect hoodie


the OG. i have such a love affair with Nike that will never die. i size up in their hoodies and zip-ups so that i can layer with them. they’re great for workouts (obviously) but are also nice enough to wear outside of the gym. and last a really long time, so definitely consider them to be worth the investment.


love this brand and all that they stand for. you can read more here - they phrase it way better than i do and it’s always nice to learn about the roots of a company.. especially since you’re supporting it when you buy and wear their stuff. and i can’t forget to mention that their hoodies are just really soft and somehow get better the more you wear them without losing their quality.. i’ve had one for about 10 years at this point and i don’t think i’ll ever get rid of it.

Brandy Melville

so part of me is thinking, “do NOT post about these because one size does NOT fit all,” but these sweatshirts are really, really oversized so they will fit a lot of different body types. i’ve worn my “USA” one in so many states that it kind of isn’t cute anymore :) ha. their price point is super reasonable, and the fabric is warm enough to wear on the plane or in a freezing classroom, but they don’t pill over time, which can sometimes happen.


the beach baggy jumper is heaven. HEAVEN. i have an entire drawer full of them and reach for them constantly. and i usually give them as gifts, especially when other people stay at my house. just a heads up: when you order, don’t size up; if anything, size down because they are really that baggy and the sleeves are slightly longer than typical hoodies.

literally any hoodie from the guys’ section

.. i had to say it :)

tell me.. what’s your favorite hoodie?