day in my shoes no.3

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good morning :) been getting earlier and earlier starts to the day since my parents started construction on the house.. it’s an addition and everyone working on the project has been showing up before 8 each morning, which is wild if you ask me, especially since they are usually staying after the sun sets. fun story for you: there are different “teams” that come to the house at different points to work on different aspects of the project, and a few weeks ago the electrician team was at the house and working in the kitchen and under the house. i was helping one of them figure out where to go (he was underneath the house where it’s as dark as the ocean floor, practically) by tapping under the kitchen sink.. like a lot of knuckle work. i was feeling a little wimpy because my taps were getting weaker over time because you know, not a professional. so his other “teammate” came in and starts tapping about 1000X more powerfully than me.. and i felt like i was being punked. sure enough.. dude was using the back of a hammer to tap!! not sure if i’m shaking my head more at the fact that i didn’t think of that first or that the technique was never mentioned to me. but that was the end of my electrician career. also now i’m wondering how common it is for electricians to get electrocuted at some point?? anyways.. every morning starts with taking the dogs outside for some fresh air. exciting.



the best way to celebrate an early morning? starbucks run! does anyone want to tell me why i didn’t know what starbucks rewards was until a month ago? i think my friends should stop calling me basic and instead call me clueless.



for the past few months i’ve made a bigger effort to make new friends :) no one tells you how tricky it is after you graduate school - i say tricky because it takes a little more thought and effort, but it isn’t necessarily difficult to do. my biggest piece of advice is to just talk to people. anyone, anywhere. compliment the person working at starbucks or ask someone at the bookstore for a recommendation. and as always, be nice! :)

i wore these vans to meet a friend for another coffee (poor planning on my part but still worth it nevertheless).



hi my name is paige and i am a slave to my dogs. end of story. but really.. they love going outside in the afternoons to explore the construction and get fresh air and i can’t blame them. they usually come back super tired and ready for a nap and i try to not sit down because they automatically want to sleep on me, which isn’t ideal when there are things to do. my mom thinks i am a helicopter parent who is too lenient with them but whatever.

i guess you could say her karma was me having shoes on the couch. 🙈



and lastly.. another workout ☀️ i know i include one in every “day in my shoes” post but that’s because i try to do at least something physical every day.. and preferably outside. i’ve never worked out in a gym in my life! except for the cheer gym and stuff. what better way to appreciate california and fresh air? and a quick shout out to daylight savings time for being the best 🙌🏼 i feel like adults get as excited about daylight savings time as kids get for easter egg hunts.

what does a day in your shoes look like? 👠