first time in philly


hiii happy Friday :) sharing some pictures from one of my new favorite places.. Philly!

i was there to interview brandon, and you can read that here. it was my first time in the city and it. was. so. fun.

going to throw in a short little (probably too vague) story: there is someone in my life who i love dearly but is just.. not in the happiest place and also not making any effort to change, although they say they are all the time. i’ve offered to help and would 100% do anything for them (even now) but to be honest.. it can be frustrating being around someone who makes you feel bad. you know they’re not feeling that great and it isn’t their fault, but you can only spend so much time walking on eggshells before enough is enough.

and so before i left for philly, i made the decision to let go of all of it, because i obviously can’t fix this person. i got on the train and thought, “i am all good with this person. it’s now neutral. but i am going to let go of their negativity and open that space up for something good.”

that sounds so cheesy and borderline cringe typing out right now but let me tell you.. the amount of positivity and exciting, wonderful things that were squeezed into the 30ish hours i was there is proof that your mindset, intentions, and perspective are everything.

these photos are kind of a random mix from the time i spent just walking around exploring because a lot of what i did just didn’t end up being photographed. sometimes you have to put your camera/ phone down and hang out in the moment. it’s amazing what you’ll see and hear and experience when you do that - there’s nothing that compares to looking someone in the eye and connecting with what they have to say or being in a brand new place for the first time.


** also yes that is a big fat bump on my forehead.. i tripped 🙃 some things never change 🤷🏻‍♀️


you guys probably know by now that i love history which is why i had to see the liberty bell while i was there. it was a little smaller than i thought it would be but i think that happens with a lot of historic things (hello plymouth rock).. the only exception i can think of is the “big piece” of the titanic that is on display at the museum in vegas. yes there is a titanic museum in vegas and yes you should go see it.

while i was there i took a step back and realized how interesting it is to how see people experience and take in historical monuments and museums and things like that..


later that night, we ended up at a show that this band was playing, which was really fun.

go be nice and check them out.


in reference to my last blog post.. i tried earl grey tea again.

i still think it tastes like watery fruit loops.. and i don’t even eat fruit loops.

but if you don’t think about that then it does taste quite nice. :) ha


almost (but not really) ended up in Jersey and it’s still funny when i think about it.. and that has nothing to do with my sense of direction, which is actually better than you’d expect 💁🏻‍♀️ (or so i’ve been told)


got a little hint of spring 🌸


per usual i have zero food recommendations because it’s just not my thing but i will say all of the people that work at the starbucks on arch were the nicest EVER and i want to go back just to be friends with them.

and now that i think about it, absolutely everyone i met or spent time with was so insanely kind to me. and that is probably why i loved it so much 💛


lastly.. i think i might like philly a little more than boston.. ahh haha i hope my family doesn’t hate me for saying that 🙈  but at the same time.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ eh.


ps. good vibes and auraaaas :) x