hudson yards


hi happy saturday! hope you have all had a fun week :) not going to lie it’s been kind of strange adjusting to being back home. i got home last week and was home for 2 days before heading to vegas with my mom and now i’m back for the next month or so but have so much going on that i haven’t really caught up with it. you know.. waking up confused or being so mixed up with my days that i sound super scatter-brained but that’s really nothing to complain about.

anyways :)

i wanted to share a post about a fun day amanda and i had - she always knows fun things to do no matter where we are so i pretty much let her take the lead whenever we do something. we ended up at Hudson Yards and climbed the Vessel which is a big honeycomb looking thing. it’s 16 stories so you get a nice little workout in and when you climb it you get to see a pretty view of the city and the hudson river.. not to mention the bird’s eye view of all the people.

anyone else think of captain sully and that united flight whenever the hudson river is mentioned?

not gonna lie i have the worst habit of wanting to watch the movie about it anytime i’m on a plane 🙈 so bad.

but really.. if you’re ever in the city you should definitely check out the Vessel and Hudson Yards. you can do the High Line and check out Chelsea all in the same day, too.


one of my favoriteeeee parts of being in the city is getting up really early and walking around and seeing everyone on their daily commutes.

from the old people reading newspapers to the kids heading to school to the people dressed in business clothes (can’t relate) heading to work.. it’s just so interesting.


spring in new york is like winter in san diego 🌬 but any excuse to wear a scarf, right?