a little life update


hiiii :)

i think it’s been a while since i’ve done a little update on what’s been happening day-to-day… honestly i don’t know if i’ve ever shared this type of update? i am honestly quite boring so i don’t know how exciting this will be 🙃 but let me start by saying that i can’t believe it’s already may 11th? like we are already two weeks into may? things have felt like such a whirlwind (in a mostly good way!) which is probably why i’m doing this update in the first place..

OUTFIT: tee // sunnies

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i was gone from the end of March through most of April and therefore my days are so mixed up - last week i set a deadline for the 10th thinking i would have a nice minute to work on it and nope.. time is flyinggggg.

you probably already know i was in new york and philly since i’ve shared a few posts about that, but about 2 days after i got back, my my mom and i went to Vegas like 3 days to go see Aerosmith at their new residency, which can i just say.. Joe Perry is almost too cool. you definitely have to go see them while they’re there.

i will be back in Vegas at the end of the month with a friend - super fast turnaround but why not. i'm not sure what we are going to do but it will be fun :) and then i’ll back in New York again in June.

long distance friendships are the new long distance relationships, no?

i should probably go somewhere different (Miami Canada Portland Seattle Texas, anyone?) or just cool my jets and sit for a minute. but knock on wood, i will be in hibernation mode July-September and not leaving my house because.. hot weather 🙅🏻‍♀️ ha

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good books.

of course with travel comes a lot of reading time. i’ve never been able to sleep on planes and i don’t connect my phone or laptop to the WiFi. call me old but it’s nice to be unplugged for a little bit. i grew up not using the internet on planes (anyone else remember when there were big phones attached to the seat in front of you?) and i don’t feel all that compelled to join in. so.. more reading time.

two of my favorite recent reads are Rocks by Joe Perry and Atomic Habits by James Clear - both really different obviously but both were really good. i just started this book and it’s good so far! my friend Amanda got me this for Christmas and can’t say enough about it so i’ll also be starting that ASAP.

an addition.

so some of you may not know but my parents have been doing an addition on their house for a few months now and it has been.. wild and quite the adventure, to say the least.

i now understand why people are so obsessed with “turn-key” houses, but i think all of the details and decisions that come with construction can be fun, too. all about perspective, per usual :)

fun little story: i haven’t been all that involved since there are entire crews that are hired to do the work and they obviously don’t need an amateur buggin them. but it still hasn’t stopped my incessant need to ask a million questions whenever i can. i finally got to help out like a week ago and i was super stoked about it.. and then it all came to a sudden and screeching halt when i ended up being stung by a hornet like 4 times.

  1. hornets are huge and they mean business. and they are going to live forever.

  2. shout out to the electrician who was also a hornet expert because that’s something to be grateful for.

anyways, hopefully the addition will be done soon :) 

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a little less.

slowly but surely i’ve been getting rid of and donating a lot of clothes and other random things. i started seriously thinking about excess and how much i actually don’t need around last October when i got back from DC. i think with a lot of bouncing around and living out of a suitcase you realize that basics are best and you really don’t need a million versions of everything.

it’s so nice to see empty shelves and things not so packed together and i’ve learned a nice little truth: you might think you do, but you really do not need more hangers (or maybe that’s just me).

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it’s my mom’s birthday in a few days and i have no idea what the f to get her 😅 she keeps saying “nothing” but i don’t believe in that (birthdays are meant to be celebratedddd). somebody help me out? haha. and no plane tickets or hotel reservations for her because she’s a homebody and funnily enough, the travel size bottles put her in a mooooood. haha

i think that’s about it! thank you for reading :) x

hope you are all well and have a good weekend!

wait one more thing! the world cup is in a few weeks! am i the only one excited? i booked a trip and shortly after realized i didn’t consider game days so fingers crossed i will be able to catch a game or two 🤞🏼 since it only happens every four years.

and can i just say.. KRIEGER!?! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 no words. stoked.