lucky 13: a new york minute


hiii :) it’s been a while since i did a lucky 13 so i figured no time like the present :) here we go..

1. call me crazy or wimpy but i think new york can be a little overwhelming depending on where you are - just sensory overload in every sense of the term. but while on this trip i figured out that i loveeee the chelsea/ meatpacking district area. obviously there’s still a ton more of new york to explore and things are constantly changing but it’s nice to find that little spot where things are mellow in case you ever find yourself in the middle of too much.


2. the chelsea area will always remind me of nancy spungen. i’ve read the book her mom wrote about her few times and highly recommend it. she is just a really fascinating person (for lack of a better word).. do you ever have those people that you just feel drawn to that you’ve never met but you can’t explain why?

also.. punk music for. ev. errrrrr.

3. speaking of good music.. i was at the starbucks in chelsea and the barista kept looking up at me when i was ordering and all of a sudden he goes, “you know who you remind me of?!” i obviously have no idea so after a nice little pause he goes, “you just remind me SO much of that new netflix movie the dirt! right? i see it. it’s you.” and now that i have seen the movie.. how in the world i gave him that vibe is absolutely lost on me. just completely over my head. i almost feel dumb telling you about this because it’s like saying a dolphin reminds you of the sahara.. nope.


4. when it comes to east coast trips, no matter when i fly in, what time of year i’m visiting, or how long i’m there, one thing that remains consistent no matter what is that i only halfway adjust to the time difference, even though it’s literally just 3 hours - i will stay up until 3AM (which is 12 PST) and then get up around 6 or 7AM. which is completely backwards from what you’d expect. i don’t get tired or anything like that and it’s nice to not feel like i’m wasting the day (or night). it’s also cool to go out and see everyone on their commutes and carrying on with their typical routines.. kind of a wierd “outside looking in” type of situation.

5. another thing i’m always going to love about new york is how you can experience completely different things just by crossing the street or going up one block.. from the architecture, to the colors, to the people, to the energy.. all of it. magic.


6. NYCBCH’s french toast bagel. no words. i hate eggs so french toast is iffy for me but mannnn i could probably eat one of these every day i’m in town.. or maybe one for the entire trip because they are GINORMOUS.


7. going back and forth between the two coasts so frequently has brought up the question of whether or not i’d ever move out there permanently. i don’t think i would full-time but i also recognize i could be jinxing myself big time by saying that.. i could see a 50-50 thing happening purely because i own too many scarves for somebody who has a permanent address in southern california. and jackets. and boots. and beanies.. ❄️❄️❄️

OUTFIT: sunnies // jeans // mini version of my bag

8. two other questions i have been asked a lot as of late:

(1) “do you get lonely traveling by yourself?” sometimes, but i don’t think about it or dwell on it too much.

(2) not a question, but “you get sooooo lucky every time you travel!! like good things just happen for you! that never happens for me!” well.. i don’t really believe in luck. being nice to people and being open to things (like mentally open to whatever is going to come your way) is what i think “luck” comes down to. anyone can get angry at a flight delay but you just gotta stay calm and think there may be a bigger reason you’re spending extra time in the airport. be a good person and don’t forget.. it’s mentality, not luck.

** and no i’m not that obnoxiously optimistic person who never gets frustrated BUT i can speak from experience: the day i flew in, all of the flights were delayed because of weather. at around 1PM, most of the people who were originally scheduled for my 12PM flight switched to get on the 11AM flight because that was going to take off first, and they were understandably sick of sitting around. but believe it or not.. my flight boarded not even 2 minutes after and ended up taking off maybe 20 minutes after the other flight with about 12 people on it (including the crew), so yes, being patient and polite is not so bad :)


10. spent one morning walking the brooklyn bridge with amanda. i love how she is 99% the most happy-go-lucky person ever and then comes the rare 1% where the snark comes out and she just tells it like it is.. and it’s not even mean; it’s just the driest, most sarcastic comment ever. and you’re never expecting it which makes it even funnier.

11. a few other fun things that aren’t pictured:

  • all the times waiting for the subway. sounds boring but hanging with her and carlton and having the most random talks.. the best. it really is about the people you’re with. better to be in a janitor’s office with people you love than at the top of the eiffel tower with someone yucky, no?

  • starbucks runs with carlton and then taking uber back the 10 blocks (shameful) because we were freezing or it was raining. and laughing over nothing.

  • a few late nights of pizza and french fries (yes, from the same place). i neverrrrr eat late and hate doing it but when you get dragged out for a night of fun.. you get hungry.

  • the 3 of us were out one night and literally crossed 2 streets and were “somehow” in times square.. nope. i literally ran out it’s so overwhelming haha. never again

  • and can’t forget hanging in central park on the prettiest sunshine-y day ever :) i just love seeing squirrels out and about haha so excited to do it all over again in juneeeee :)


12. random but something on my mind a lot this trip was this movie/ documentary quote.. anyone who knows me knows that i don’t watch movies and don’t have much of an interest in them BUT i kept thinking back to this scene from one of my favorites where tony bennett says, “life teaches you how to live it if you live long enough.”

it was something where when i first heard it, i hadn’t necessarily felt like i had lived enough to fully be like, “yes” about it. but i wanted to be on board with it because it makes sense you know? and now a few years later i think i can say that i agree with it :) things are goooood.


13. saved this for last. i spent an evening at the 9/11 museum and it was.. a lot. i don’t know exactly what to say, and i don’t want to say the wrong thing. i do remember 9/11 really vividly and with my dad being in the military, it obviously affected how i grew up and my perspective on certain things. i think everyone should visit the museum at least once (i know there is some controversy from some of the families about the remains repository, which is completely valid).

it’s heavy and a lot to take in at times but it just.. makes you think. and it’s such an important part of our country’s history. 

(also they place a rose on the name of each person who died during the attacks on their birthday as a way of remembering them and bringing attention to each person as an individual - in the top photo, the rose had somehow fallen but that’s the story behind it).



thank you for reading x