may grey


just another day in sunny san diego..

but not really ha.

i really haven’t seen the sun since the end of march, which is when i left for new york - i swear i brought the gloom back with me because “may grey” has never been this grey.

not that i’m complaining :)

all of the rain has been nice and i almost think southern californians are getting better at driving in it? miracle.

it’s funny how to like 99% of the world rain is just a whatever thing because it rains so often but it’s more so a big deal in san diego.

when i was growing up, anytime rain was in the forecast i just wouldn’t go to school. at all. to be honest, i didn’t really attend high school much.. which sounds bad but the irony is that i didn’t miss a single class in college, which is usually when people don’t attend classes ha. and of course i didn’t even realize i would be walking to class in the rain so i had to overnight order a raincoat and all of my friends thought i was just nuts for not having one. but do you really need some high tech raincoat in san diego?? 🙃 exactly.

now i don’t travel without one because you never know (example A - this day was freezing and rainy, but every day after it was a heat wave and sunny as can be)


weather changes and life does, too. which is hopefully exciting to you.

hope you all have a good week 💛


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