another lucky 13

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hi happy monday!

i’m currently back on the east coast and also slightly scatterbrained today. fittingly enough.. here’s a little lucky 13 that is truly, truly random.

  1. i wanted to link some of the stuff i brought on this trip since i actually put some thought into what i was going to bring this time around: these tanks (size down), this wrap top, this lace tank, a little hair ribbon, these aviators.. and a rain coat, naturally.

  2. prepping for this trip i was genuinely nervous that i was going to MELT with the humidity and everything since it hasn’t been warmer than 70 back home. however yesterday was the prettiest day everrrr and felt like the first day of summer. seriously the nicest day.

  3. ok. switching gears but i want to run this idea past you: how cool would it be to give a friend your credit card or whatever and have them book a trip for you? like you don’t know anything about it until you get to the airport. no? most of my friends think i am crazzzyyyyy and refuse to do it but i think it’s the best idea i’ve heard in a hot minute.

  4. funnily enough (or ironic enough) that idea would have freaked me out a few years ago - i used to be the biggest planner ever and didn’t know how to roll with the punches. like.. i planned my freshman year of college in 30-minute increments. in the last year or so i’ve mellowed out enough to where i feel like i float through days a little bit and don’t absolutely need to know every little thing and have every single detail planned out. obviously i have a general agenda but i’m not setting alarms to eat or texting friends to ask what they’re doing 226 days from now. i don’t know if it’s an age thing or what but eventually you realize that things just work out and you don’t have to micro-manage every detail of your life. and little surprises along the way are usually a lot more fun anyways :)

  5. needless to say.. i don’t know what i’m doing today. (besides watching the soccer game - hopefully)

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6. recently learned your clavicle and collar bone are the same thing.. enlightening to say the least. no one seems even slightly as shocked by this as me. also it’s called the “back” of your hand?? nope.

7. last week my friend morgan and i went to food truck friday at balboa - totally recommend it if you’re in san diego. there’s tons of different types of food and morgan is great about trying a good variety of it.. i had a grilled cheese and a snow cone and so did a group of 8 year olds.

8. question: is someone really your friend if they don’t make fun of you nearly nonstop?

example A: asked morgan to get me a tea the other day and she proceeds to shout, “you said it tastes like watery fruit loops!!!’ so loud that everyone turned their heads and at least 4 people looked at me like i personally offended their mothers. but like.. can a girl change her mind. and have hot tea when it’s cold out.. fruit loop flavored or not 🤷🏻‍♀️

but for real.. if there’s anything that i am really proud of lately it’s my friends. i think as you get older you realize it’s not about having the most friends or the coolest friends but the ones who are good people and inspire you to be better, too. (but making fun of you comes with that, just a warning.)

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9. did i mention that i woke up today at 6:30AM? without an alarm 🤦🏻‍♀️ keeping my whole “early mornings on the east coast” tradition alive. but also.. t i r e d. like so tired i don’t think i’m going to make much sense today. and i’m going to find everything funny 🙃 sorry to everyone who has to deal with that. haha.

10. the main thought that kept me up last night: do you think if you put unlit fireworks in a blender and turned it on, it would set the fireworks off? and does anyone wanna try it with me?

11. fun little airport story for you: so i’m sitting around and there is this man across from me at his own table reading a book, completely zen and unbothered by this lady at the next table over who is screaming at and trying to wrangle her 4 little kids who are just at a level 7 on the energy scale. straight out of a movie going nuts, fruit snacks flyin and hitting each other.. the whole 9 yards. so all i can think is how wild it is that this dude is not looking over at them, not reacting whatsoever.. all of a sudden the lady screams, “john, help me!!” turns out they were his kids 😅 go figure.. men 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

12. cannot think of another thing for the life of me so i asked my friend for a fun fact and this is the best he could come up with: it takes seven full-grown trees to produce enough oxygen to support a human being.

he heard that from someone and isn’t 100% sure it’s true so here is another:

the medical terminology for morphine is called adolphophine. and morphine was adolf hitler’s favorite drug. just full of fun facts that may/ may not be true this morning haha

13. lastly.. on a more serious note: something that has been on my mind a lot lately isn’t first impressions but last impressions. i think there’s a lot of emphasis on first impressions (for a good reason), but i’ve been thinking about reputations a lot lately, and how people can base their entire view of you off of one thing - just the most fleeting snapshot of a moment - and it’s all perspective so accuracy is obviously not a given. which can be really limiting or great depending on how you see it. but anywayssss i have been thinking about last impressions. and how i really really hope people remember that i care about them. sounds cheesy but i just want the best for whoever i meet or get to spend time with. i am in this stupidly sweet spot in life where everything is just so good and i am in total awe of the people in my life and how great they are and how grateful i am to even know them. so i hope they know at the end of the day i just want them to be happy and good. like.. dude, you deserve the world and then some. because if they don’t know that then i’ve really missed my mark.

and that’s thirteen. have a good weeeeeek :) ♥️

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