church cat and a hat

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today i’m sharing a few photos taken kind of a while ago at the old mission san luis rey :)

something i tend to miss the most about the east coast is how there’s history on literally every corner.. i just don’t think you can ever get bored with everything going on visually.

needless to say i’ve been making more of an effort to see the historical sights of san diego when i’m home and since it’s so close, the old mission san luis rey was a must-see. it’s absolutely gorgeous, you guys must go visit! it reminds me a lot of the missions and churches i saw in santa fe last year. there’s just something so indescribable about church architecture.

ps.. while you’re there, make sure to say hi to my new friend 🐱 i named him bo because my hat is called “the beverly.” and beverly and bo just sounded nice together. (can you tell i don’t name my pets? haha)

he is not shy and will come right up to you :) so be nice to him x