four things


hi :) things have been nuts lately so i haven’t been posting regularly, but i wanted to touch base.. so here’s four things:

PS my sweatshirt is an old one from Wildfox

1. i’m currently living in a mix between boxes and suitcases so i don’t know why i decided to add chaos to the fire and color my hair pink again but here we are.

any post where i have pink hair automatically becomes one of my most popular posts ever (starting with the original one) and i don’t think i’ll ever top them. i wear my hair the same way every day so it’s ironic to me that hair posts are what’s most popular on here but since you all like them so much i will have new hair stuff to share next month (which is basically going to be here before i know it??) ☺️

2. i was talking to a friend the other day about how i have been so indecisive lately..

.. even more so than usual and how it’s driving me nuts. i am 100% getting on my own nerves. the conclusion i’ve come up with is this: sometimes asking for advice is the best route, because you either agree with them right away or wish they said the other answer (kinda like a coin flip). but sometimes asking other people for advice just further muddies your own perspective, so you just gotta do your best 🤷🏻‍♀️

3. i leave in less than a week to head back to new york

& at this point i see my east coast friends more often than my LA / local friends.. go figure.

4. bringing this back again..

i re-read this article/ speech every so often (usually around graduation time) - it was written for Yale commencement by Marina Keegan. it’s called “the opposite of loneliness” and i think regardless of where you’re at in life.. the opposite of lonely is a really nice place to be ❤️ grateful.

talk to you soon, thank you for reading :) x

PS: oddly enough.. really in the mood to carve a pumpkin and really feeling SOL because where are pumpkins in june? ha.