lazy days


just a lot of lazy days as of late ☺️

we are currently in the home stretch-is of the home construction going on at my parents’ house and it is definitely feeling like a snowball rollin down a hill at this point. all of last weekend the floor was being torn out of the house and they are getting new floors in this week which means mostly everything we own is in boxes - this is obviously more extreme than most cases but the amount of dust coming up during the removal just meant things needed to be boxed up completely or else they’d end up covered in dust.

and because everything is in boxes, i am sticking to lazy clothes :)

this shirt is so old that it’s starting to fall apart, but i bought it at a cool random vintage place in LA and i will probably never get rid of it.

i paired it with my standard vans because i always keep an extra set of shoes in the car (comes in handy way more often than you think) - i should probably do a little post of everything i keep in my car because it’s really organized but has every medical item you might ever need 💪🏼 safety first ha

anyways.. hope you are all having a good week ♥️


and i’ve never been to tennessee but with all the chaos at home i’m starting to think of visiting sooner rather than later.. 😉