seeing stars


hi happy saturday :)

hope you are all having a good weekend so far :) the sun has finally come out and i am actually excited about it.. kind of feel like i am thawing out after a loooooong winter. yes, california actually had a winter this year.

not gonna lie.. i feel really scatterbrained lately. i think it’s because there’s still a lot of construction going on so i’m used to the fact that when i’m gone, i’m on the go and living out of a suitcase but now when i’m home, i’m living out of boxes and piles and there is just a revolving door of people coming in and out. i feel like i sit down to work and can only sit still for like 20 minutes before i feel the need to get up and check on things or get water or whatever.. hoping it all goes back to normal once the construction is done.

until then, a lesson worth sharing: HGTV makes it look easy and home improvement projects are not neat, tidy, or completed in one hour (with or without commercial breaks).

and you will never regret keeping a spare change of clothes (or 2) in your car ✌🏼