a hair scarf


hi :) happy monday!

not too long ago, i promised you guys more hair posts because that’s actually what you click on and read the most, so here we are :)

not gonna lie, most of the hair stuff i share with you guys is going to be quite simple because i am NOT a hair magician. i don’t even own a brush 🙈 for real. which is why i am so surprised that the hair stuff is what is most popular on here ha


this little hair scarf was something i picked up from a few weeks ago. i was on the fence about getting it because i feel like i will buy hair stuff and then just.. not use it. it’s just so much easier to be on auto-pilot and do your hair the same way every day since it’s one less decision to make, right?

but after a few weeks of messing with it, i will say it’s definitely worth it. this post shows you the 2 ways that i wear it and each style takes less than 5 minutes.. no special hair skills required :) and since the scarf is so colorful, it will go with nearly anything but is especially fun to dress up simpler outfits (my favorite).

PS: for both styles i use a regular hair tie and then just use the scarf as a topper, so to speak - you won’t see the regular hair tie underneath, and i find it easier to use the regular hair tie while i am actually styling my hair.


a low pony


half up, half down

told y’all these were really easy 🙈 haha x