band tee in brooklyn


helloooo hope all is well :)

sharing a fun little set of photos shot in brooklyn by my new friend wini - she is absolutely incredible, check out her work here 💛 and then say hi because that’s what friends do :) ha.

we met up for an afternoon while i was in new york and all i have to say is.. thank god i wasn’t there during the power outage because i would have P A N I C K E D y’all. full on panic. i can’t even deal.

although it was funny getting phone calls from a few family members/ friends who were like, “i don’t know where you are but i hope it isn’t new york because the power is out.” you know you bounce around a lot when.. 🙈 haha gypsy life for life.

but back to the main subject - new york is such a “bucket list” place for so many people and it never feels like i am really there until after i leave and am looking back on pictures and then i remember how grateful i am to have been there once, let alone multiple times. i think the photos of me walking across the bench are the kinds of photos i will show my friends’ kids and their kids one day. like.. see i was kinda cool at one point? because it’s so surreal in a way that that’s me and this is my life. a total dream. but i am terrified of kids so i haven’t figured out how grandkids will come about (grand puppies?) so maybe i will simplify the entire equation and just let my mom stick them on her fridge. ♥️

hope you all have a good rest of your day!


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