broken people in bright places



i have a lot to say and i don’t quite know how to say it. i’ve started and restarted this post at least ten times by now (in three different states, no less), and i am starting to get on my own nerves, so here we go.

i love cities. 

i love their energy. i love their movement, and i love their pace. i love seeing the diversity, and i love being able to witness fleeting snapshots of people’s lives, and then getting lost in wondering what’s in their hearts and on their minds, what their days look like, and where they’re headed off to next.

i don’t believe in coincidence, at all.

i think things happen for a reason. sometimes it’s because you’re looking for it, and sometimes the meaning takes a little more time to reveal itself. to a certain extent, i believe you see what you seek out - if you’re negative, that dark cloud will follow you always. if you train your brain to see the positive, you’re going to find abundance no matter where you look. but i’ve also come to believe that sometimes things are put in your path for a reason beyond what first meets the eye.

in the past week..

a lot has happened. a lot. and i’m not even being overdramatic (for once).

i’m not going to include all the details because i don’t think it’s my place to share other people’s stories. at least not these ones. all i will say is this: sometimes people shake your foundation, challenge your beliefs, send a chill down your spine (for better or for worse), push you to change your perspective, and throw a punch at you (literal or otherwise).

and i refuse to believe that all of the events that happened over the last week were simple coincidences.

there’s a reason for all of it, and here’s what i’ve come to realize or, at the very least, what i’ve been reminded:

there are broken people in bright places.

there are broken people in low places, and broken people sitting right next to you. no matter where you go, where you come from, what you think, or what you believe, there are broken people everywhere. 

it’s so easy to put blinders on. it’s so easy to focus on the good (or the fancy), to focus on what needs to be done, and to stay in your own lane, so to speak. it’s no secret that we’re all ‘busy’ and have things to see, people to meet, and places to go.

but we’re all humans and there’s a connection there that we can’t ignore.

the more i travel, the more i learn that we all have more in common than we think, and it’s important to hold that truth close to you. 

you and a convicted felon whom you’d usually cross the street to avoid can agree on more things than you and your sister.

the man across from you on the subway may have a story he’s dying to tell, a story that reminds you of all you have to be grateful for.. starting with simply having laces in your shoes.

the girl standing next to you waiting for her coffee might need a simple human connection, and once you smile at her her, maybe she’ll show you her scars and open her heart to you.. or maybe she will smile back and walk away.

maybe someone is choosing to stand that close to you not because they’re oblivious or impolite, but for a bigger reason.

you won’t know any of this until you choose to acknowledge their presence.

it’s funny how when people always talk about wanting to make a difference in the world that conversation seems to rocket straight to curing cancer or establishing world peace. but what we all can do that really will make a difference, is simply reach out to someone.

say hi. ask a question. hold a door. wave hello.

something. anything.

i’m not trying to be preachy, and i think more than anything i’m writing this to serve as a little “note to my future self” because as you probably know..

life is busy. life is chaotic. life is a lot.

and i think the worst thing we can do is get so caught up in our own lives that we lose perspective and lose our sense of humanity. we obviously all have responsibilities and things that we’re trying to do or work towards, but don’t keep your head down so long that you forget to look up and look around.

no matter where you are.