introvert or extrovert?


hellooooo happy thursday!

1. not gonna lie, i start out my blog posts with the day of the week purely because i never 100% know what day it is.

2. i am SO sleep deprived and tired that the computer screen is slightly blurry and i probably should go to bed. it’s only 11 but i have been so tired by the time afternoon rolls around for the last week or so. however i keep getting this second wind every night and the sleepy feeling goes right out the window. so here we are.

are you an extrovert or an introvert?

this seems to be SUCH a popular topic (especially lately) and i love how intense the conversations about it can get.

while i was in new york, the main topic of discussion was the 16 personality quiz and more specifically, the introvert-extrovert portion. every trip we seem to circle back to constantly and this was it for us. if you haven’t heard of it, the 16 personalities quiz is NOT like most personality quizzes that are just silly and ridiculous - this one goes into more detail and does give a fairly accurate reading of your personality without being cheesy or feeling like a backhanded compliment of some sorts. i had to take it as an assignment for one of my business classes, and again as part of training for a job, so i think it’s pretty legit.

you can take the quiz here. (my result is INFJ, or “The Advocate.”)

my results lean heavily on the introvert side of the scale (74%) but i’ve been told that i come off as an extrovert. most of my friends are extroverts, which.. accurate. haha.

i think the main takeaway my friends and i came to at the end of it all is that whichever side you fall on, at the end of the day, it really is just a label and i think you can be both, either, neither.. everyone needs time alone, but social interaction is really important, too. it can be reassuring to have something (or a group) to identify with, but at the same time, don’t let it limit you :)

do you think you can be both? how does being an extrovert or introvert affect how you go about life or relationships?


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