$9 healthy hair


in the spirit of more hair posts, i wanted to share a little secret with you :)

so i’ve mentioned before that i don’t own a hair brush, which is cringey to some but to be honest i don’t ever really need one.. and this product is why. it’s only 9$ and i get it on Amazon - you can get it a little cheaper if you auto-ship, which i do every other month.

it’s technically a deep-conditioning mask, but i use it daily since i wash my hair every day (it’s just an OCD thing for me). it’s replaced my regular conditioner, so i would say to use it whenever you would usually use conditioner, but if you have thinner hair or hair that is easily weighed down by heavy product, you could probably get away with using this monthly as a deep-conditioning mask ☺️ (aka it’s true intent)


to use it:

i just apply it like regular conditioner (avoid your scalp) and brush my fingers through my hair, then let it sit for maybe a minute before washing it out.

because i use it every day, i don’t feel the need to let it sit for too long (also because i’m impatient as 😇) but if you are leaving it in as a mask i think 5-15 minutes is plenty of time.

hair stylists will tell you otherwise but i have found that i don’t need to spend a ton on every type of fancy hair care products when some cheaper alternatives like this one work just as well. i am sure every hair stylist want to kill me for saying that!! sorry haha but i think this 9$ hair mask works is just as good the 50$ bottles i have bought in a salon, and i do think it works better than the drugstore conditioners, too.

** however i will say that this product is not going to tone your hair. i use a purple shampoo to for that purpose, but this conditioner has NOT faded/ damanged/ hurt the color of my hair whatsoever so i believe it is safe for color-treated hair.

let me know if you try this out and what you think of it 💛

(PS - they also make a coconut version which is pretty much the same, but i just stick to macadamia since it’s on auto-ship and i don’t feel like changing it)

also.. proof is in the pudding. i really am that obsessed with this product: