a purposeful morning


hi :) how are you guys doing?

i feel like things have been going 100 miles a minute lately - i am currently halfway through a super intense 2 weeks of work (not complaining, i love the momentum) and it’s got me thinking about balance and not necessarily time management (which sounds really formal and a bit impersonal), but how we choose to spend our time.

because no matter how you want to argue it, i really believe we have a lot more of a say in how we utilize our time than we might think.

obviously we work and have responsibilities and obligations, but how much time is slips past us while we are absent-mindedly scrolling on our phones or procrastinating?

when a particularly busy season approaches, i’ve found the best way to keep calm, stay happy, and avoid stress is to buckle down and get really purposeful in how i spend my time.

i have definitely gone overboard with this in the past (AKA daily excel sheets broken down by the hour during finals week 🙈) but having a general road map eliminates a lot of the second-guessing or possibility that something will fall through the cracks.

some of my friends think i am absolutely nuts because i will still make it to birthday dinners, finish a book, and of course.. go to the beach in the middle of a wild week. but that’s because i think it’s important to make time for yourself and the things that re-center you and make you happy in order to not buckle under stress. i really do not get stressed out or frazzled any more because i make time each day to do something that is meaningful to me. AKA i usually get up super early and head to the beach at least once or twice :)

there’s really nothing better than listening to the ocean and being reminded that any little stresses i might face later in the day.. except knowing that i can help make a difference while doing it ;)

the towel i am sitting on is from a brand called sand cloud and their mission is to help save marine life - they donate 10% of all profits to quite a few different charities and organizations that help with wildlife conservation and restoring our oceans.

anytime you go to the beach, you need a towel - even if it’s just to sit on - and replacing my old beach towels with sand cloud towels has been a decision i’m really proud of. knowing my purchase helps give back in some small way is great, but these towels have also somehow started conversations with other random people, and getting others to join in on the mission is never a bad thing :)


full disclosure:

this post is absolutely NOT sponsored. i was contacted by sand cloud back in 2015 (way before i had a blog) and asked to be a brand ambassador, but nothing ever came out of it. i have purchased all of my sand cloud towels with my own money (this one pictured is 4 years old). i decided to talk about and mention the brand in today’s purely because i support their mission, and i’ve been able to integrate their products into my life without having to go out of my way to do so (it’s such a simple step towards more conscious consumerism) and thought i would share it with you as well 💛 every little bit counts x


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similar hoodie (mine was a christmas gift)


this is the book i am reading - i stumbled upon it in barnes + noble in the wrong aisle and took it as a sign to get it :) i get this type of thing is not for everybody but i am just listing it in case you are curious.

if you want to read a book that is basically the opposite, here you go. (don’t read it if you don’t have a sense of humor)

also i tooooootallly get the irony (and poor taste) in using a plastic straw while talking about saving marine life - we all do what we can, ok? it’s not all or nothin :) x