strawberry scarf


happy saturday :)

if you have been reading my blog you probably recognize this little kate spade silk scarf - i styled it as a bag accessory last september, but when i found it in my closet last week, i decided to repurpose it as a hair scarf.

i definitely feel like a poser anytime i wear this scarf because i don’t enjoy fruit in the slightest but it was too cute to pass up (shout out to friends who support impulse purchases.. 😅 yikes)

for this look, i just rolled the scarf from one corner to the other and tied it around a little messy half-up bun. i think all hair looks better when it’s a little messy - just run your hands through it, do a few flips like you are in a metal band, and throw it into a bun (big or small).

boom, good to go.

and call me crazy but i think hair looks turn out the best when you aren’t trying or don’t need it to look good; this shoot wasn’t planned at all (i was just messing around). but we all know if it was scheduled or if i needed it to look a certain way it wouldn’t have turned out right and i would have gotten frustrated as F 🙃 just how the hair world works i guess haha.

sadly my strawberry scarf is sold out :( but i am linking 3 super cute similar ones - they’re the same size as mine which is really versatile for a bunch of different styles (not just hair). it’s also silk and holds up SO nicely so it justifies the price tag.. trust me. (PS they are all also on sale right now)

flamingo scarf // parrot scarf // garden posy scarf

thank you for reading :) have a fun weekend x