we can do a world of good.


we can do a world of good.

when i was in new york not too long ago, i was lucky enough to stop by FEED in Brooklyn.

FEED was founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren and its’ purpose is to help end hunger by providing meals to some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

Everything they sell is purposeful in more ways than one: not only do the purchases go towards helping provide meals, but certain collections are made from artisans around the world, which helps to provide ways of making a living through sustainable, fair work practices.

what i love most about FEED is that there are so many ways to get involved and make a difference - you can purchase items from their store, grab coffee if you’re ever at their flagship in Brooklyn, or host a FEED Supper right you are.

something i have learned to be true is that it’s not necessarily what you do as long as you do something. i’ve heard so many people my age and younger say that they don’t have the time, money, or resources to get involved in giving back, but the truth is that something is better than nothing. i truly believe that providing one meal - even if it’s just your leftovers at a restaurant - to someone in need on the street will make a difference. don’t let the notion that you won’t fix everything stop you from contributing one thing.

even using a tote bag at the grocery store helps with sustainability and our planet - and it’s something everyone can do (just think of how many free tote bags are given out.. and then thrown away at any given moment).

because if everyone does one thing, together

we can do a world of good 💛

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current number as of writing this blog: 107,532,896 ♥️

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