a hint of pink: lucky 13

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1. posting a lucky 13 today because it’s friday the 13th. duh. loveeee friday the 13th. are you superstitious? (better yet.. are you a good speller? cause wow what a word.)

2. i did work for a few tattoo artists as part of my senior project in college and still to this day get a text from one of them every single friday the 13th asking if i’m ready for a tattoo since i don’t have one. the only reason i don’t is that i’m afraid i will jump and mess it up because i am the jumpiest person everrrrrr. and that would suck.

3. also, yes, pink hair again. pink hair til the end of it all. just for youuuuu. more here.

OUTFIT DETAILS: hat // similar sweater // shorts

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4. when we took these photos my mom told me she didn’t like my hat and that it made me look like a park ranger but amateur style (hence me laughing).

a few takeaways here:

  • a mom that will tell you her honest opinion = 10/10 (if your mom doesn’t roast you..?)

  • a mom that will unconditionally support you and take your photos.. too nice.

  • so basically, my mom is the BEST. end of sentence. but.. still not changing my mind about this hat.

5. cannot believe september is halfway through. cannot wait for next month. going a hundred miles a minute until then.

6. i’m the absolute worst at booking flights. there’s no fear or hidden agenda i just.. don’t have any sense of urgency with it. i will wait until it feels right (even if i booked the hotel a month ago). finally booked my philly flights and you would think i would end up paying a lot extra for waiting butttt.. $150 is not something to complain about. and no i am not flying spirit 😘

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“You can sink so fast that you think you’re flying.”

7. i saw this quote the other day and it resonated with me in some way so i thought i would share with you.

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8. i’ve been trying hard to get more hair stuff on here since that is what y’all read the most. there is a lot coming but in the meantime, here are a few recent posts in case you have missed any:

a hair scarf // 9$ healthy hair // strawberry scarf

9. alsoooo how are you guys liking blog month? it feels kinda odd to have a “theme” for a whole month and i’m not sure if i will do it again but it’s been fun to share basically everything i know with you :)

10. something that has been circling about for me lately is the idea of sticking up for yourself vs. being the bigger person and letting it go (aka saying nothing). it’s a tricky tightrope - i know i personally go 0 to 100 on the hothead scale but you know you are growing up when your first reaction is to genuinely wish someone the best instead of picking up the phone and going oFF 🙃 although it’s funny how sometimes being the bigger person doesn’t make you feel any better.. like it’s the best decision to make, and it’s better in the long run, but in the moment.. don’t ya ever just wanna tell someone they’re being mean? anyways now i’m just rambling..

11. cannot forget to mention.. respect and remembrance for all of the victims of 9/11 and the 2012 Benghazi attack. it’s a difficult day for so many people and it doesn’t feel like as much time has passed as what has. reflecting on it all, i don’t know what to say but i think veteran Derek Weida put it best - “trying to live with love, respect, and gratitude.” never forget. also a big fan of this tweet.

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12. a friend and i were talking last night about social media and how it has changed people so much. good and bad. we were mostly talking about how people will post things with a certain intention that is so far from what the actual truth behind it is. like maybe you’re at a party on instagram but you’re actually at home. a big fat mind warp. and yet people can get so wrapped up in it and let it affect them when it isn’t even reallllll. we had this conversation a few days after i posted this on instagram after not being on it for a while - the flower photo is so pretty it doesn’t even feel real to me. the second photo is definitely real life. but you can be both :) and i think it’s healthy to acknowledge that there’s a spectrum. because what you see isn’t always what’s real.

and since it’s a lucky 13 post, on friday the 13, and 13 is a lucky number..

a note on luck:

13. you make your own luck. i 100% believe it. putting out good energy, staying positive, being hopeful, working really hard because you believe there’s no way it won’t or can’t work in your favor.. that’s luck.


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