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hi guys :) currently at the airport and i can literally feel someone reading this over my shoulder - never felt more awkward, but also hi stranger - and i wanted to end this month’s blogging themed posts with a little Q&A :) it’s been a lot of fun to share some of the things i know/ have learned about blogging with you and i will definitely need to sprinkle in more blogging posts for you guys as time goes on :) x

i do have an FAQ on my site for the questions i get asked the most (how i edit, where i shop), so be sure to check that out.

but today’s questions are strictly about blogging, so here we go..

Why doesn’t your blog have a name/ Why is it just your name?

i get asked this a lot - when people ask me what my blog is called, i usually just look at them like 🤯🤯🤯 ha. i don’t exactly know - probably because i’m just not that creative and didn’t even think to give it a name. when i started, i just used my name for the website domain because i thought it was a safe bet; all my social media accounts are just my name as well. so the idea of a “title” didn’t come up until people started asking about it after the fact. *insert blog title with catchy alliteration here* ;)

How many people read your blog?

more than i ever thought would. and from more countries than i think i will ever be able to visit :) it blows my mind and i am so grateful for every single one of you - even if only one person read my blog i would still do it. to this day, i have only told my mom and one other person the actual number/ monthly range (and only cause they asked nicely). but to anyone else: more than i ever thought would 💛

Best advice for blogging on a budget?

definitely stick to your budget, first and foremost. i think that is easier said than done but still worth saying. second - try to do as much as you can on your own. you can save a lot of $ by designing your own site/ logo and learning about SEO, as well as reaching out to people and making those connections yourself - no need to hire people to grow your social media accounts (so strange to me). if you need photos or anything like that, use your iPhone and work with friends if they don’t mind. i think with social media being so popular now, it’s easy to ask a friend to snap a photo for you, especially if you do the same for them, because they might want one for instagram even if they don’t have a blog. lastly, blog about the current you, not the future you. by this i mean.. be real with where you’re at and use that perspective to talk about the things you’re interested in. if you’re in a tiny college dorm, you can still talk about clothes and style, but it might look like 5 ways to style the same blazer as opposed to some grand 3000 square foot closet tour (if that makes sense.)

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How do you deal with mean comments?

first, know the difference between a mean comment and criticism. flat out just ignore mean comments that have no foundation - don’t let that stuff mess with your head. but if a comment feels like criticism (even if the delivery sucks), use your best judgement. trust your intuition on whether or not you want to give it any weight, because sometimes you don’t even want to open that can of worms. and there’s no rule saying you have to.

i will say this: when i was in college, i had a roommate who was all-around really harsh in her delivery - i don’t wanna call her mean or a bully because we did get along at times. but one time she crossed the line big time and i instantly knew that what she said was the worst thing anyone could ever say to me. i’m not recommending or wishing that type of situation on anybody, but when it comes to mean/ critical comments, you eventually get to a point where you can filter it: you’ll either brush it off without a second thought, or it’ll sit with you for a little. and then you have the decision to take it as heavily as you think you should.

but at the end of the day, try not to let mean stuff bother you. it just isn’t worth it.

How do you figure out what to post? What inspires you?

so i briefly talked about this in my post about content calendars (click here if you want to read that) but to be honest, when it comes to posting.. i just kind of go with what sounds good, or what i’m wanting to shoot or talk about. strategically speaking, if you have blog categories, that will kind of give you an outline so you aren’t posting too much of one thing, but don’t get so caught up in it that you ignore the things you’re gravitating towards. post about what excites you because i think that’s what ultimately catches - people can somehow feel that energy.

as far as what inspires me.. so cheese but in general, i’m inspired by wanting to live as full of a life as i can, experience as much as i can, and trying to give back as much as i can. i want to interact with people and really connect with them, and not live so much of a selfish life whenever i can.

What do you do if you don’t have content/ photos to post?

usually.. i just don’t post, because quality over quantity. but i also will try to improvise because i do like to post consistently. some of my favorite posts have come out of me thinking i didn’t have anything to post that day:

Do you worry about sustainability and being sustainable as a blogger?

yeah girl. ohhhh yeah. holy smokes yes. i studied sociology in college and took a lot of environmental soc classes that covered climate change, how tourism affects the locals, conscious consumerism.. the whole nine yards. and once you know, you can’t un-know those types of things. definitely educate yourself on the working conditions for the people who make “fast fashion” clothes, carbon footprints, and gentrification (just to name a few key topics).

i truly cannot speak on blogging as a whole or all bloggers when it comes to this, but for me: i try to buy what i need, and buy sustainably whenever i can (no buying things for one post then throwing it away). i donate things i no longer use or need, and try to live as “green” of a life as i can.

i think it’s better for everyone to try to do their best, rather than chase perfection and subsequently give up when it gets difficult. 

a few tips that i’ve integrated into my life that may work for yours too:

  • bring reusable bags to stores. or if you forget, try to carry something out by itself rather than waste a bag, if you can.

  • i am the worst with this so pot meet kettle but reusable bottles and straws are a big one.

  • i’ve cut down entirely on gifts for others - quality over quantity, and at this point we are all happier doing an activity together rather than trying to think of some random gift that is under 20$.

    • but if i do need to get a gift, i try to get something that is sustainably and ethically made, or serves a bigger purpose - check out the little market, feed, and the giving keys. it’s a nice conversations starter, too.

  • for myself, i buy fewer higher quality pieces that are sustainably and ethically made whenever possible. fast fashion is horrendous no matter which way you look at it; i avoid it as best as i can. obviously everyone has a different budget so do what makes sense for you.

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How do you choose what to share/ what not to share?

so my main policy is that i try to not speak negatively or complain too much. it just doesn’t help anything.

when it comes to things that include other people.. anyone who is in a photo i want to post gets to choose and approve each and every photo, so they have a say in what is shared as it relates to them. just because i think that’s the polite thing to do.

in general, i try to avoid politics on my blog because it’s so easy to misconstrue things online - but don’t think that just because i’m not necessarily sharing my opinions publicly that i’m not involved. (get involved!! educate yourself. get. involved. VOTE. it’s so important.)

the only other topic that i don’t share much about is my family, partially because they didn’t sign up for this, and also because they’re all crazy ☺️(although maybe one day i will share about it in the hopes someone can relate and feel less alone w the cuckoo relatives).. but for now, it’s just not necessarily my place to share. i also don’t wanna get sued 🙃🙏🏼 which.. stranger things have happened.

but when it comes to what you are going to share.. use your best judgement, prioritize your privacy/ security, and stay true to you.

What do your friends and family think about your blog?

most of my friends don’t care; some want to start their own blog, so they’re more curious about the back end of it than what i’m posting about. a big inspiration for this “blog month” was that i wanted to lay out everything i’ve learned in one place where they could all access it whenever they needed to as they started their own blogs. so most friends are cool or indifferent about it.

some of my family reads my blog (and will send me typo reports) but i think most don’t care or read it - at least it’s never a topic of discussion so i am just guessing - which is fine haha and i’m sure a relative or two have absolutely no idea about this whatsoever. 

Which social media is most important to focus on?

short answer: none. focus on your blog and the relationships you can build through it, and then everything else will come naturally. 

don’t get caught up in the rat race of likes, followers, and algorithms. it’s a waste of time. i pretty much ditched IG entirely and strictly focused on my blog, and was able to build over 10x the viewers on here without any social media.. yep.

although i will admit that Pinterest does drive a lot of traffic back to your site. even though it’s confusing as F.

Do you ever get burnt out, and how do you handle it?

yes. take a break; you won’t “fix” it if til you recharge. take inspiration as it comes and recognize that like most things in life, creativity ebbs and flows. sometimes i am super excited and will shoot shoot shoot like crazy and then there are times when i don’t pick up a camera for 3 weeks cause i’m just not in the mood. 

And lastly.. how do you make money blogging?

the question everyoneeeeee wants to know haha. it’s different for everybody, and usually a mix of a few things. 

i personally use affiliate links. i rarelyyyyy will do collaborations just because a) i have to already love the stuff and b) i totally understand brand cohesiveness and brand identity, but i don’t want to type off a pre-determined script. because then it’s just a blatant ad and even worse, inauthentic. (i also don’t do this as a full-time career, so i don’t feel compelled to take sponsorships).

some people have ads run on their site (usually on the sidebars; i don’t do this), or they sell products/ services.. but yes, usually a mix and different for everybody. there’s no judgement on my end (unless you’re advertising “fit” tea.. yikes)

thank you for a fun “blog month" :)

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