bobby pin starburst hairstyle

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hi! wanted to share this fun little bobby pin look - i for the LIFE of me could not figure out what to call it.. just no idea.

however i also included black and white photos because i know not everyone loves the pink hair and this is a hairstyle you can do that looks so pretty and fancy regardless of what color your hair is :)

for this style, i used my favorite bobby pins ever.. which i got just because they were rose gold.. but let me tell ya. these are the BEST bobby pins on the planet. i call them “prom pins” because they are super-strength and you don’t need as many as you typically would. so they are perfect for all of those prom looks which usually take 10849 bobby pins to hold.

they are slightly larger than normal bobby pins and it might feel ridiculous buying them online rather than at target but they are the best out there, i am convinced of it (and the best stocking stuffers if you are already plannin that out).

to get this look, my friend morgan placed one bobby pin in the middle, and then worked her way out (up and down). we decided to do the ridge-side down (so smooth side facing out), but it also looks so cool when you do the ridge side facing outwards. this literally took 2 minutes to do and i got a lot of compliments on it. we only went to the grocery store but if there is any place in this world where you don’t get complimented, it’s the grocery store. so considering it a win.


ps my top is by topshop and has since sold out but these two are quite similar: BCBG, ASOS

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