copy cats and cat eyes



hope you are all having a good day and are excited for the weekend :)

taking a time out to share this today. it’s not a rant or a “subtweet” or really anything of negative spirit. just a little “thinking out loud” moment. writing something for me, not “for me but i hope you read this and think it’s about you.” just.. for me. and maybe for you, if what i have to say can help you in some way.

i’ve debated whether or not i wanted to say anything at all for about a month now. i’ve been told that my need to take a second to think and process before responding is related to my zodiac sign.. but that’s a whole other can of worms i don’t even want to open as i know nothing about it :) or maybe it’s that i am growing up and out of the whole “you are scary when you are mad” phase.


i want to start by saying i really don’t think i am all that original or unique. i think people who are quick to wave the “copy cat” finger-pointing flag usually neglect (or forget) to recognize that something inspired them at one point or another. there are so many ideas circulating around all of us at any given moment that i never really want to call one “mine” and stake claim in it. i’m just not that possessive, competitive, or aggressive.


second. i want to share a little story. a few years ago my mom (hesitantly) went to a high school reunion with a friend. we all have our preconceived notions of what a “high school reunion” entails and what types of feelings or memories it will evoke. but when she came back home, what she said really stuck with me. she told me about how they all got along really well and how there was no competition, no need or desire to “one-up” the other, and how she wished they hadn’t wasted so much time doing it in the first place.

ever since then, i’ve really tried to come from a “we not me” point of view. help someone succeed. share ideas. offer to help, no strings attached. collaborate. it’s really not that deep, nor is it that serious. if you can help someone else, why wouldn’t you? there’s no rule that says two people can’t do the same thing, let alone both do it well. and i’ve seen people get litigation-happy and sue everyone in the room - it’s a waste of time, money, and energy. obviously there are times when someone crosses a serious line and you have to do something, but for the most part, i’ve come to find that it’s just not worth the fallout. there’s room for everybody.

so when it was brought to my attention not too long ago that someone had copied me in a handful of ways (“indiscreet” doesn’t even do it justice).. my first reaction was to wish them well. truly and genuinely. actually say it out loud, and put good energy into the universe. because i wasn’t losing anything by someone gaining something, even if it was arguably a little too similar. it’s funny how we grow up learning to compete and compare, when it isn’t like someone is going to take something away from you entirely just because someone else enters the ring. it just isn’t like that. i think the best thing you can do is wish someone else well. unapologetically. there’s just not a good enough reason not to.

and then, because i’m human, a little bit of shock settled in. like.. whaaaat? this, this, AND this, too? like.. come on? what? did you not think i would find out? how did you think i would react?

you know. we’ve all been there. and i think it was more embarrassing, for lack of a better word, than anything else because i really felt blindsided by it. to offer someone help and have them reject it, and for them to turn right around and copy you behind your back.. that sucks.

i’m not writing this to vent (already did - thank you mom and friends), or to shame someone. i truly hope they keep going and continue on, and i’m excited to see what they do next. they deserve the world and all the success they can dream of.

i think i’m sharing this just to show that someone can copy you and you can still be ok. it doesn’t cheapen your body of work, or what other people think of it. it doesn’t limit your success (sky high, y’all), nor does it suddenly pit the two of you against each other.

it simply is what it is. wish them well and keep going.

excited for what is to come :) for me, for them, for you.. all of us :) x


from me to you 💛

while we are sort of on the topic, if you are ever feeling stuck in a rut or need something to post on your blog.. i have a few little series things i do that you are more than welcome to use and recreate :) tag me in them or send them to me so i can leave a comment :) x

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and lastly.. a random little detour 🙈


never in a million years did i think i would be talking about makeup, ever.

just not my thing.

but lady gaga came out with a makeup line called haus laboratories and it is for sale on amazon (prime shippingggggg) so i couldn’t resist getting some stuff for my mom, who is a lot more into makeup than me.

but also got an eyeliner and a lip gloss for me because why not.

i used the liquid eyeliner to create the little wing i am wearing (a cat eye for copy cats, if you will) and it was really easy to use. and didn’t smudge or wear off poorly.

also wore the new lip gloss in the shade entranced and it is just so pretty. my mom got the shade corset and that is a gorgeous shade, too.

so if you are on the fence than you must try. no expert skills needed. :)

thank you for reading as always :) have a good weekend x