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hi :) sharing all about how i plan and organize my blog stuff today.. aka how i create and update my content calendar. which is really just my calendar that has everything in it, i just add blog stuff as well. some people have separate content calendars from their life stuff but it’s really personal preference.

i do this partially for work as well so i hope these tips are helpful, although this was really tricky for me to write because (1) i am so hands-on and since writing this, i’ve found that it’s easier to just “do the work” with the people i work with, rather than type out a formula to follow since there are a lot of variables and

(2) when i organize and plan, my brain sees a spider web of how to connect things, so it all comes together very quickly (intuitively), so taking a pause to explain the reasoning behind things is a little different.

so i’m hoping this makes sense.. here we go :)

as i mentioned above, i include all blog stuff on my regular calendar. some people like digital versions (like Google calendar), but i use a mix of a physical planner and.. Microsoft Word. haha so badddd but it lets me add a LOT of colors and as you will find, the more color coding, the better. both digital and physical work just fine, so stick to whatever you prefer and will actually use.

i went back and forth when it came to including some of the extra/ different steps i take when planning content for bigger brands, but decided to omit it just because i think most of the people reading this are individual bloggers like me :) but if that is something you are interested in seeing, let me know x

this might sound backwards but i am going to start with what i personally do not include on my calendar:

  • writing days

  • editing days

  • email campaign creation days

    • however i do send emails out weekly, so on the day i send them, i write down which blogs i promote in the email, because i do not send emails for every blog i post.

      • a helpful tip for email marketing: only send what is truly useful to your subscribers. less is more. share what is going to help them in some way. i don’t send emails for outfit posts, but i will for travel guides, certain lifestyle stuff, and links to all of my truth talk interviews.

  • any and all brand emails or reach outs - i reply as things come in, and i reach out to people for truth talks on random days, just whenever it feels right. if you planning on pitching to a lot of brands, you may want to designate a day for it.

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a general rule about content calendars i have found to be true:

a total oxymoron, but when you are starting out, it is better to write more than you think you need and delete it later as opposed to writing less and accidentally missing a “link” in the sequence because it wasn’t included in the first place.

once you get the hang of your personal workflow and what you need to be reminded of (and what you don’t), less is sometimes more. i have found that if i have too much written down, it just becomes overwhelming and looks too much like a 64-box of crayons.

so start with more, and if you are finding yourself deleting/erasing things because you are completing them well before the deadline, maybe you don’t need to be reminded to do them after all :) it’s a balance that is really unique to you.

and here is what i usually include:

  • blogs, identified by title - these are written TWICE on my calendar as they are shot one day, posted on another (i use 2 colors to differentiate between the tasks).

    • when it comes to shoot/ post dates: start with your post dates and work backwards. you know what your deadlines (AKA the day the post goes live) are, so you give yourself enough time to shoot (and sometimes re-shoot) and edit your post. allow extra time if you are working with a brand/ company and they need to approve your post.

    • also include bonus shoot days whenever you can. shooting more content than you are planning is key because sometimes life goes bananas and you need to post one of your “bank” posts rather than the one you were planning on shooting. trust me :)

  • repeat this sequence for all of the types of content you have - which may include YouTube videos (day to shoot, edit, export, post), email newsletters (day for creating, day for sending out, day for creating unique content that is exclusive to your subscribers), etc.

an inside look at my personal content calendar

so feel free to judge me but i actually use both a written planner and Microsoft Word for my calendar stuff 🙈 the idea of putting my life schedule on a digital platform that could be hacked (by literally anyone, i don’t have a particular person in mind) is paralyzingly terrifying to me! i started using Word and Excel in college because i would print out templates and then make hand-written adjustments as time went on - it works well enough for me that i don’t want to switch over. here’s a look at what two weeks looks like for me.

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black: birthdays/ holidays, travel dates, general info

bold blue: post goes live

green: shoot

bold purple: bonus/ bank shoot

bold black: emailed newsletter

pink: classes, information i am learning - i set aside blocks of time for this whenever i can

i add as many colors as i need, and make use of the highlight feature for details, like adding light yellow over bold blue to symbolize that a HAIR post is going live. if this sounds overwhelming or ridiculous.. please know that it is WAY easier than it looks. it has taken me longer to write this post than to create the entire system! wild.

ok that felt a lot more complicated than it really is ha. email me if you have any questions and good luck with your content calendars :) cannot wait to see what you post x

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