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hi :)

you probably don’t remember but i did a post foreverrrr ago on the “uniform” i wear most days when i am out and about or running errands.

i wanted to bring that back and share my favorite hats, which are definitely a staple in my closet. i have too many (really - it’s bad) but i wear at least one a week, so i don’t consider it wasteful or excessive.

i think they’re a great investment and so fun.. not to mention you are protecting yourself from the sun :)

they are so popular now that you can get them just about anywhere but these are my tried and true favorites - easy to wear, easy to travel with, and high quality.

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lack of colour

all time fave. these are the best around and i’m obsessed.

i always buy them during the vogue 25% off sale, but sign up for their email because they have sales quite often. i own almost all of their wool hats, and you really can’t go wrong.

for reference - i wear a size small.

my favorites:

zulu II hat (pictured)

spencer boat hat - perfect for the beach (and pictured above)

zodiac hat

navy rancher hat

fader hat

sierra rose hat - trust me.. you will wear a pink hat way more than you think you will. ha

sd (1 of 1).jpg


another tried and true. these are easier to find in-stores than LOC, a little bit cheaper, and i find them to be slightly smaller in circumference.

this style will probably always be my favorite, but this little style did have a moment not too long ago.. (anyone else remember that? ha)

076731FA-BF1E-46DB-90EC-CA3207864976 copy.jpg

baseball hats

pretty straightforward but i’m including this category because i’m opinionated haha

for the most part, i try to support or bring attention to charities or causes i care about through baseball hats - i love the lone survivor foundation especially (ps - you can also support them by shopping through amazon smile).

i do use a plain black hat from amazon when i work out - it was super cheap and the quality is great so i am linking it in case anyone else needs one (they have tons of colors in case you are trying to show school spirit or somethin haha)

shadesofblue (21 of 53).jpg


so if you cannot get your hands on one the beanies my mom makes, this is your best bet. ha

i’ve mentioned it on here a ton of times but this is my go-to beanie. they are the bestttttt - not too thick, the best material ever, and they are slouchy without being too oversized. i’ve had quite a few of my guy friends “borrow” these and not give them back so i think anyone will like them.

sd (2 of 1).jpg

and a little accessory..

little scarves/ bandanas are perfect for tying around your hat to add a little fun twist.

i own this free people scarf in every color, but you can’t go wrong with a regular bandana from madewell.

PS these are also great when tied around a bag or ponytail too :) x

thank you for reading :)

have a good rest of your week x

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