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day in my shoes no.3

good morning :) been getting earlier and earlier starts to the day since my parents started construction on the house! it’s an addition and everyone working on the project has been showing up before 8 each morning.. which is wild if you ask me, especially since they are usually staying after the sun sets. fun story for you:

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the butterfly effect

i’ve had a thing with butterflies lately 🦋

not too long ago, i was watching a movie that mentioned the idea that a butterfly’s wings could cause a storm thousands of miles away. it got me thinking about just how impactful we are, because i never really think about it much.

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3 simple hairstyles for valentine's day


hope you have all had a good week! this week has been quite busy but SO good. at the risk of being too vague, i will say that i have been waking up about an hour to an hour and a half earlier every day this month and have also been trying to be a lot more intentional and mindful and i really could not be happier with the results. i know most people have moved past new year’s resolutions and are deep into the swing of things, but you can change absolutely anything at any time and if you are giving it all your effort, the results are so worth it.

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lucky 13: shades of blue

happy Friday :) currently counting down the minutes until i can make a chai tea because i try to wait until 4 in the afternoon or so (for that second wind) - no idea why but i have been so low energy and just plain tired the last month or so.

anyways i figured it had been a minute since i did a lucky 13 post so here we go..

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pretty plaid scarf

hi happy saturday! hope you have all had a good week :)

things have been busy but slow at the same time.. we had two rainy days this week where it actually rained most of the day. i think everything kind of comes to a halt when it rains in california. that may sound dramatic, but with all of the flooding and mudslides that go on it really is a situation.

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