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19 for 2019

happy new year! if you read my previous post about books to read by new year’s then you know i am a big fan of Gretchen Rubin and the way she views happiness (we are both type A so we love to plan it out haha). she had mentioned in a podcast how rather than do resolutions, she creates lists of things to accomplish by the end of the year, and how she finds that to be easier to obtain as opposed to trying to start 12 new daily habits on January 1st. i thought i would try it out this year :)

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the savvy shopper's guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

hi guys!

so i went back and forth on whether or not i wanted to post anything about the thanksgiving weekend sales.. obviously they are incredibly popular and kind of symbolize the kick-off for holiday shopping, but there is something about sacrificing family time for shopping that has me feeling a bit hesitant.

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day in my shoes: LA randomness

hi guys! today’s post is all about following me around in a day in my shoes. this day is a little different from normal because i’m not often in LA! but i would rather document and share that than a day where i don’t leave the house ha. and for those of you wondering, “does she really change her shoes that often?” sometimes.. yes! i will be the first to admit that i have a lot (too many) shoes, so i try to make use of them rather than let them sit around and collect dust.

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favorite booties + goals for june

hope you are all having a good day!

what a month may has been! it’s hard to believe the year is already almost halfway over, but at the same time i feel like this month really packed a punch and came at me from all angles haha. one thing i like to do at the end of each month is make three goals for the following month, and i thought i would share my goals for june with you!

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