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happy may 1st! today’s blog is about a trip to the flower fields.. get it, may flowers?

ha but really, how pretty are they?! the flower fields are in carlsbad and if you are in southern california you should try to go at least once. my mom and i have gone for years now and it still doesn’t get old. we love to stop to look at all the different colors and how there will be a random pink or red one in the white flower section :) 

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amour vert

hiiii! wednesday already? nuts. 

so i usually have the worst luck with buying plain tees.. they are usually too see through, stretch out after you wear it once, or they die in the washing machine. i am totally obnoxious for saying this but it can literally make me so grumpy. 

but i saw this company that sells sustainable tees on instagram a few weeks ago and decided to try one out and let me say..

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