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lucky 13: a new york minute

hiii :) it’s been a while since i did a lucky 13 so i figured no time like the present :) here we gooo..

1. call me crazy or wimpy but i think new york can be a little overwhelming depending on where you are - just sensory overload in every sense of the term. but while on this trip i figured out that i loveeee the chelsea/ meatpacking district area.

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lucky 13: shades of blue

happy Friday :) currently counting down the minutes until i can make a chai tea because i try to wait until 4 in the afternoon or so (for that second wind) - no idea why but i have been so low energy and just plain tired the last month or so.

anyways i figured it had been a minute since i did a lucky 13 post so here we go..

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a little NYC love: lucky 13

sorry for the upcoming photo overload, but its new york so i hadddd to! such a magical place. 

while i was in boston i was lucky enough to visit my friend amanda in new york for a weekend! i was there for 48 hours and one thing you should know about amanda is that she is a go getter! so we basically did not sit or sleep much while i was there :) but it was SO much fun. and since today is friday the 13th (my fave alwaysss), here is a lucky 13:

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lucky 13: my college years

hi! so i realized yesterday that today is officially two years since i graduated from school! so crazy - i am too young to be saying that and time definitely does fly. ha anyways i thought i would put together a little lucky 13 talking about some of my favorite parts of school :) and also congrats to everyone graduating this year!!

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