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how to make the most of your trip to DC

hi guys! i don’t have a technical travel guide, but wanted to share some tips and advice from my recent trip to DC. we were there for my dad’s reunion, so our time was split up in the middle, but we ended up spending 4.5 days in DC, including a day in Mt. Vernon + Alexandria.

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5 ways to be more productive

if you were to ask me in a job interview,  or were to talk to my friends friends about what my talents are, i would tell you that my only real talent is being productive.. for real 🙈 it’s something that comes second nature to me and i genuinely enjoy getting into a groove and finishing everything on my to-do list (gross, right?). but like any talent, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t fine-tune it and hone it into a workable skill.

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