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the best stocking stuffers for any budget

hiii - can you believe christmas is in two weeks? wild.

it seems as though everyone is completely in gift-buying mode by now, and although i finish my shopping early every year, there always seems to be a last-minute gift to buy - a litt

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5 lessons i've learned from blogging

hi! hope you are having a good day :)

i cannot believe it’s already december!! this year has absolutely flown by. anyone else excited for the new year?

so when i was visiting family last week, i kept getting asked about my little blogging project and what i’ve learned from it. my main reaction was to say “a lot,” but i kept thinking about it later on and trying to formulate a better answer.

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5 things to do this November

happy November! i think it’s safe to say the holidays are now in full-swing and the mad dash to the end of the year has begun. no matter how busy your schedule looks this month, don’t forget to make room for these five things in your calendar.

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5 ways to be more productive

if you were to ask me in a job interview,  or were to talk to my friends friends about what my talents are, i would tell you that my only real talent is being productive.. for real 🙈 it’s something that comes second nature to me and i genuinely enjoy getting into a groove and finishing everything on my to-do list (gross, right?). but like any talent, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t fine-tune it and hone it into a workable skill.

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lucky 13: my college years

hi! so i realized yesterday that today is officially two years since i graduated from school! so crazy - i am too young to be saying that and time definitely does fly. ha anyways i thought i would put together a little lucky 13 talking about some of my favorite parts of school :) and also congrats to everyone graduating this year!!

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roar and snore: sleeping over at the zoo

sorry for the photo overload.. kind of ;) all of these photos are from this weekend when we spent the night at the san diego safari park as part of the roar and snore safari! my friend morgan and i had done this for a school field trip back in 3rd grade but i don't remember a single thing from it so we decided to go again.

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