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uniform: favorite hats

hi :) you probably don’t remember but i did a post foreverrrr ago on the “uniform” i wear most days when i am out and about or running errands. i wanted to bring that back and share my favorite hats, which are definitely a staple in my closet. i have too many (really - it’s bad) but i wear at least one a week, so i don’t consider it wasteful or excessive.

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an outfit + a thought

hi happy monday! hope you have all had a good weekend :) i feel like it’s been a while since i have consistently shared outfit posts with you guys on here and i know i used to do it semi-frequently. it’s just.. kind of boring? i don’t know.

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rapid fire

hi, super random post today :) i was drawing a major blank so i randomly asked one of my friends to hit me with ten quick little rapid fire questions and here’s what she came up with 🤪 feel free to copy-paste and add your own answers (then send it to me) - there’s a blank set at the end :) x

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introvert or extrovert?

hellooooo happy thursday!

1. not gonna lie, i start out my blog posts with the day of the week purely because i never 100% know what day it is.

2. i am SO sleep deprived and tired that the computer screen is slightly blurry and i probably should go to bed.

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seeing stars

hi happy saturday :) hope you are all having a good weekend so far :) the sun has finally come out and i am actually excited about it.. kind of feel like i am thawing out after a loooooong winter. yes, california actually had a winter this year.

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summer sunnies

hiii how are you? i can’t believe it’s already friday! not gonna lie, i’m the worst at keeping track of the days in general so when friday hits, there are times where i don’t even know where the week went.

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day in my shoes no.3

good morning :) been getting earlier and earlier starts to the day since my parents started construction on the house! it’s an addition and everyone working on the project has been showing up before 8 each morning.. which is wild if you ask me, especially since they are usually staying after the sun sets. fun story for you:

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the butterfly effect

i’ve had a thing with butterflies lately 🦋

not too long ago, i was watching a movie that mentioned the idea that a butterfly’s wings could cause a storm thousands of miles away. it got me thinking about just how impactful we are, because i never really think about it much.

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