paige ditullio


my name is paige.

i was born in boston but currently live in san diego. 

i love to try new things but not new foods. 

the best show i’ve ever seen was Cher's.. because it's Cher (duh).

i ask too many questions, but i’ve always been really curious and aware of how little i actually know.

there is so much more to life than the clothes you wear, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it.

one of the best lessons i've learned is that ice cream is best when served for breakfast. another is to try to see the best in people.

more than anything else, i feel really lucky for the people in my life, the experiences i've had, and the places i've been able to visit..

.. and i can't wait to share pieces of all of that with you.





how did you get started with blogging?

i initially just wanted to learn how to build a website and i was a lot more interested in that side of it, as opposed to full-on blogging. in the first version of my site, i included photos i had taken (not of me), but people were wayyyy more interested in my blog, so i pivoted*

*thank you college for the fancy term

how do you take / edit your instagram photos?

i currently just use whatever edits i’ve made for my blog posts, which is a preset in Lightroom. i used to use VSCO exclusively and the photos definitely look similar to that. i made a post about it, which you can read here.

i currently use the photos i take on my DSLR (keep scrollin for that), but i used to use my iPhone 6, and sometimes still do.

how do you edit your blog photos?

i use presets in Lightroom. if you are just getting started, i would recommend buying a set or two from FilterGrade and then tweaking them until you develop your own (get it.. Lightroom, develop.. ha). 

what do you use to take your pictures?

i use a Canon 6d and a Canon 35mm lens.

how did you get your pink hair?

i used the Kristin Ess Temporary Tint - it was super easy and fun. read more here.

where do you shop?

Revolve - my favorite brands are House of Harlow, For Love and Lemons, Lovers + FriendsShow Me Your Mumu, and BB Dakota



Nordstrom - mostly BlankNYC, Topshop, Rails, and BP


for hats - Lack of Colour

for jeans - Paige, Joe’s, and Express

is thirteen your lucky number? why is it “lucky 13?”

when i was writing my very first blog post, i had no idea what to say so i thought i would make a numbered list and then just fill in the blanks. my lucky number is 17 but that felt like way too many, so i shrunk it down to 13.

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