Truth Talks: Michelle

Meet Michelle, a mom to preemie twins who are survivors of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). I found her through the Instagram Explore page and have been following her family ever since. She’s incredibly fearless and honest when it comes to advocating for her boys and raising awareness, and I hope you find her as inspiring as I do.

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2am in vegas

i don’t really believe in luck or coincidence.

you will hear me describe things as “lucky” from time to time, but that’s only because i don’t feel like getting into the big spider web discussion of why i think things happen for a hidden reason or purpose that we may or may not know. and it always sounds hippie-ish when i do try to explain it.


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a little life update

hi friends :) i think it’s been a while since i’ve done a little update on what’s been happening day-to-day… honestly i don’t know if i’ve ever shared this type of update? i am quite boring but let me start by saying that i can’t believe it’s already may 11th?

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Truth Talks: Carlton

Meet Carlton. in case you didn’t know, i’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason - coincidences are nonexistent in my book, and there is definitely a reason that carlton came into my life. i met him for the first time last month when we became roommates for ten days. one “hey, you wanna grab coffee?” later, and this conversation is the end result.. a perfect reminder to say hi and ask someone what they’re all about from time to time.

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lucky 13: a new york minute

hiii :) it’s been a while since i did a lucky 13 so i figured no time like the present :) here we gooo..

1. call me crazy or wimpy but i think new york can be a little overwhelming depending on where you are - just sensory overload in every sense of the term. but while on this trip i figured out that i loveeee the chelsea/ meatpacking district area.

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hudson yards

hi happy saturday! hope you have all had a fun week :) not going to lie it’s been kind of strange adjusting to being back home. i got home last week and was home for 2 days before heading to vegas with my mom and now i’m back for the next month or so but have so much going on that i haven’t really caught up with it. you know.. waking up confused or being so mixed up with my days that i sound super scatter-brained but that’s really nothing to complain about.

anyways :)

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leaving flowers

the other day i was walking around a cemetery and was struck by all of the flowers i saw - how, on any given day, someone’s leaving flowers for someone they loved or someone they lost. 

and i was thinking about how it’s a lot more common to leave flowers at the end than it is in the now.. that might sound morbid, but it kind of goes under the same umbrella of how we stop taking certain things for granted once something “big” or especially life-changing happens.

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spring in the city

hellloooo :) hope you are all having a good week! today i’m sharing some photos from one of my favorite days yet :)

nothin fancy - my friend amanda and i went to the park to just hang out. but i think what was so great about it is that it really was nothing fancy.

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first time in philly

hiii happy Friday :) sharing some pictures from one of my new favorite places ever.. Philly!

i was in Philly to interview Brandon, and you can read that here. this was my first time in the city and it was so. fun.

going to throw in a short little (probably too vague) story

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Truth Talks: Brandon

Meet Brandon, one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. He’s an author, motivational speaker, and someone who encourages you to be a better person, whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours with him. I met Brandon on a cloudy day in Philadelphia and didn’t really edit our conversation, so be prepared for him to put the “f” in fun and for the quick fix to be presented in short and long form :)

But really, there’s so much you can learn from someone if you choose to sit and listen, and I hope you find this conversation with Brandon as impactful as I did.

Because no one can tell Brandon’s story quite like he can, let’s jump in..

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