first time in philly

hiii happy Friday :) sharing some pictures from one of my new favorite places ever.. Philly!

i was in Philly to interview Brandon, and you can read that here. this was my first time in the city and it was so. fun.

going to throw in a short little (probably too vague) story

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Truth Talks: Brandon

Meet Brandon, one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. He’s an author, motivational speaker, and someone who encourages you to be a better person, whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours with him. I met Brandon on a cloudy day in Philadelphia and didn’t really edit our conversation, so be prepared for him to put the “f” in fun and for the quick fix to be presented in short and long form :)

But really, there’s so much you can learn from someone if you choose to sit and listen, and I hope you find this conversation with Brandon as impactful as I did.

Because no one can tell Brandon’s story quite like he can, let’s jump in..

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day in my shoes no.3

good morning :) been getting earlier and earlier starts to the day since my parents started construction on the house! it’s an addition and everyone working on the project has been showing up before 8 each morning.. which is wild if you ask me, especially since they are usually staying after the sun sets. fun story for you:

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the butterfly effect

i’ve had a thing with butterflies lately 🦋

not too long ago, i was watching a movie that mentioned the idea that a butterfly’s wings could cause a storm thousands of miles away. it got me thinking about just how impactful we are, because i never really think about it much.

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sunny days ahead

happy Thursday! hope you’re all having a good week :)

i mentioned in my last post that i was “happy as a clam” and i am here to report that hasn’t changed :) is the happiness level annoying to you? ha

it feels like i haven’t really done much to create this happiness although it definitely takes effort - you just have to make the decision and then follow it and make decisions that align with that choice.

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Truth Talks: Amanda

Meet Amanda, my best friend for as long as i can remember (ok, seventh grade). it may seem biased to include her, but trust me, there’s a reason. i’m a little frustrated this is interview is typed and not a live session because her energy is so infectious.

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sunday morning

oh, sunday morning 💛 hi :) wanted to share this fun little group of photos..

there is nothing better than a cozy sweater or spending the morning with cute pups.. especially when it’s super cold and rainy outside.

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