in my head

so i’ve been in philly for about a month-ish now, and i figured it would be a good time to take a minute to pause and reflect and kind of get out what has been in my brain since i got here. as you may know, over the past few months or so i’ve spent a lot of time thinking (and writing) about people and thoughts and character and reputations and who we really are versus how we present ourselves, or how others perceive us to be.

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a little church

different kind of post today :) one of the things i love to see no matter where i am are churches - from the architecture and the stained glass, to the history and energy you can just feel, nothing quite compares. these are a few photos from a mission-era church back home that’s been around since the 1800s.

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Truth Talks: Joel

meet joel. he tells stories for black people. and maybe you, too, if you are willing to listen (which you should). i set out this month to talk to someone who, at first glance, was different from me in some way. and after reading joel’s bio, i knew i wanted to sit down and learn from him. he’s magic - passionate, heartfelt, honest, and kind - and he’s going to change the world, one word at a time.

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blogging Q&A

hi guys :) currently at the airport and i can literally feel someone reading this over my shoulder - never felt more awkward, but also hi stranger - and i wanted to end this month’s blogging themed posts with a little Q&A :)

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copy cats and cat eyes

hi. hope you are all having a good day and are excited for the weekend :)

taking a time out to share this today. it’s not a rant or a “subtweet” or really anything of negative spirit. just a little “thinking out loud” moment. writing something for me, not “for me but i hope you read this and think it’s about you.” just.. for me. and maybe for you, if what i have to say can help you in some way.

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bobby pin starburst hairstyle

hi! wanted to share this fun little bobby pin look - i for the LIFE of me could not figure out what to call it.. just no idea.

however i also included black and white photos because i know not everyone loves the pink hair and this is a hairstyle you can do that looks so pretty and fancy regardless of what color your hair is :)

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how i plan blog content

hi :) sharing all about how i plan and organize my blog stuff today.. aka how i create and update my content calendar. which is really just my calendar that has everything in it, i just add blog stuff as well. some people have separate content calendars from their life stuff but it’s really personal preference.

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