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2am in vegas

i don’t really believe in luck or coincidence.

you will hear me describe things as “lucky” from time to time, but that’s only because i don’t feel like getting into the big spider web discussion of why i think things happen for a hidden reason or purpose that we may or may not know. and it always sounds hippie-ish when i do try to explain it.


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lucky 13: a new york minute

hiii :) it’s been a while since i did a lucky 13 so i figured no time like the present :) here we gooo..

1. call me crazy or wimpy but i think new york can be a little overwhelming depending on where you are - just sensory overload in every sense of the term. but while on this trip i figured out that i loveeee the chelsea/ meatpacking district area.

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hudson yards

hi happy saturday! hope you have all had a fun week :) not going to lie it’s been kind of strange adjusting to being back home. i got home last week and was home for 2 days before heading to vegas with my mom and now i’m back for the next month or so but have so much going on that i haven’t really caught up with it. you know.. waking up confused or being so mixed up with my days that i sound super scatter-brained but that’s really nothing to complain about.

anyways :)

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first time in philly

hiii happy Friday :) sharing some pictures from one of my new favorite places ever.. Philly!

i was in Philly to interview Brandon, and you can read that here. this was my first time in the city and it was so. fun.

going to throw in a short little (probably too vague) story

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monuments at midnight

ok so maybe we weren’t actually there at midnight but the sun was definitely setting! while we were in DC, we went and saw all the monuments and memorials later in the evening and it was the best idea ever because it was less crowded and you’re also not wasting time that could be spent in the museums (the museums close, the monuments are open 24/7).

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how to make the most of your trip to DC

hi guys! i don’t have a technical travel guide, but wanted to share some tips and advice from my recent trip to DC. we were there for my dad’s reunion, so our time was split up in the middle, but we ended up spending 4.5 days in DC, including a day in Mt. Vernon + Alexandria.

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