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happy may 1st! today’s blog is about a trip to the flower fields.. get it, may flowers?

ha but really, how pretty are they?! the flower fields are in carlsbad and if you are in southern california you should try to go at least once. my mom and i have gone for years now and it still doesn’t get old. we love to stop to look at all the different colors and how there will be a random pink or red one in the white flower section :) 

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spring is here! :) tuesday was the first day of spring and not gonna lie.. it’s raining today and still feels kind of like winter. i’m telling you.. people don’t pay much attention to groundhog’s day, but he was NOT lying when he said we were going to have six more weeks of winter!

i never really stray from wearing black and neutrals but tried to throw a little bit of pink in my outfit yesterday. just to be festive and all. haha

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one thing i have been thinking about lately is how long natural disasters really last. it seems like we get 24-hour news coverage right after the fact and then it just suddenly stops when there is the next big event. like it took years to rebuild after hurricane katrina - but there isn’t the same level of focus on that as there is on the immediate shock and awe of the disaster. is that because of what makes “good” (compelling) news or do people just have a shortened attention span for these worldly events that don’t really affect their daily life? i don’t know. but it’s something i think about, especially having a blog that usually focuses on clothes or fun activities, cause there’s so much more to life than the trivial stuff, and i just want to acknowledge the other side.

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