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how i started blogging

hi! happy september, how are you? in case you didn’t know, i am dedicating this entire month to explaining my sharing what i have learned about creating and growing a blog.

aside from hair stuff, this topic is what i am asked about the most (especially from friends), so i decided to compile everything into a few dedicated posts.

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character, narratives, and reputations

what a week it’s been.

what a month it’s been.

i’ve spent a lot of my recent blog posts talking about change and the lessons i’ve learned lately (more so than my outfits) because as cliche as it sounds, i’ve started to think this is the year of being hit in the face by life with a lot of important lessons.

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rad coffee

rad coffee is a coffee shop in upland that caught my eye a loongggg time ago. i’ll spare you the details for why i was in upland since it was really short-lived (and i never lived there) but this coffee shop is. so. popular. it’s because of their little monster shakes and the punk theme.. which you know i can 100% get behind.

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a little life update

hi friends :) i think it’s been a while since i’ve done a little update on what’s been happening day-to-day… honestly i don’t know if i’ve ever shared this type of update? i am quite boring but let me start by saying that i can’t believe it’s already may 11th?

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