hi. this is wierd. i am someone who usually says “talking is my favorite activity” but something about blogging just feels different? maybe this is why i put off trying it for forever. 

i don’t want to ramble so i think i will just add little bullet points.


1. my lucky number is 17 but 17 bullet points just seemed like a lot. today is the 13th so 13 it is.

2. i did a senior project on tattoo shops and i’ve always been into superstitious stuff. kind of ties into the 13 theme.

3. Cher is one of my favorite people ever. she’s magic.

4. i am an only child and kids scare me. my parents keep talking about wanting grandkids so i’m thinking of bringing home a bunny or chinchilla. we already have 3 dogs and a cat. the more the merrier, no?

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5. i never watch movies. chances are no, i have not seen that movie you are referencing, even if it is “such a classic.” however i will stop everything to watch the 2011 world cup quarter-final game. US vs. Brazil. chills.

6. i have wanted green hair for yeaaaars. neon green like the monster logo. i have been met with a lot of less than excited responses but i’m gonna do it. one day. prob this year.

7. i’m a planner and i love to see a packed calendar. it gives me energy.

8. not necessarily a fan of talking about politics but i come from a military family and i think you should respect the sacrifices that all members of the military (and their families) make.

9. i don’t eat fruit.

10. except i’m obsessed with banana frozen yogurt. but that doesn’t count.

11. my cheer coach once said “if you’re on time, you’re 15 minutes late,” and it’s stuck with me ever since.


12. i refuse to ever own dress pants. jeans without holes are just as good in my book.

13. i am probably the most boring person to try to blog, but i can laugh at myself so maybe we will all just laugh at me together? fun.

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also a huge thank you to morgan at october ink for giving me some insight on starting this website. i wanted to do everything myself and she was super helpful.