how i edit my instagram photos


hi guys :) one question i get asked often is how i edit my photos on instagram so i thought i would do a little post breaking it down. 

what i use to take my photos

first- i have an iPhone 6 and yes indeed i do have a “dad case” aka otter box as my case. RIP to all my old screens (that’s a story for another day).. so my iPhone is pretty much all i use to take my pictures - lately since i have been carrying my camera around for blogging i will sometimes download those photos to my phone but 99.999% of my pictures are from my phone because it’s way easier.

iPhone secret weapon: HDR

my main tip for shooting on an iPhone is to turn the HDR on - HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and what it basically does is shoot three photos super quickly and combines the properly exposed parts of all three photos to create one well-exposed photo. i don’t always use the HDR version, but I tend to favor it in photos of sunrises, sunsets, or concerts because it helps the sun or stage lights from being too blown out:

for the best filters: VSCO

next, I use VSCO and occasionally Snapseed to edit my pictures. that’s it.

usually I just upload the photo into VSCO and make sure all the lines are straight - it is my pet peeve when things are crooked in photos (like the horizon of the ocean in the background) because it’s just a simple fix.

the filter i use for ALL of my photos (minus black and white) is A6. that is literally it.. hope this is not disappointing anyone haha. i stick to one filter for everything and it helps things stay cohesive, and takes out any time that would be spent picking between other filters.

if i need to adjust brightness, i’ll do that in VSCO but i never touch contrast or other tools because A6 usually fixes anything else. 

last minute tweaks

if i have a photo that is really colorful, i will go into Snapseed before VSCO and turn down the saturation - not a lot, i usually don’t go below -25 (that number will make sense when you open the app).

once the saturation is done, then I just add the A6 filter like usual. there is a tool on Snapseed that lets you selectively edit portions of your photo (making the background desaturated while leaving you colorful, etc.) - i will sometimes do that if my background is especially neon, like with a painted mural. but again, i keep things moderate and i won’t go above +/- 25 on any edits.

color or black and white?

for black and white photos - i don’t like too high of a contrast so I will usually use B1 on VSCO. If i want the shadows smoked out more, I will darken the shadows in Snapseed. other than that, black and white is pretty straight-forward so i don’t mess with much.

last thoughts

there is no right or wrong way to edit but i personally don’t like to put too much thought or time into it so i just do the same thing over and over :)

i hope this helps! and that the simplicity and lack of intricacy isn’t too disappointing haha

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