7 things i can't live without


happy sunday may 6 :) also known as my friend savannah's birthday!

today, i decided to share a little list of some of my all-time favorite things that i just can’t live without. i'm not super decisive when it comes to picking favorites, but these are 100% my ride or dies. what are yours?


1. charlie, ruby, + max

first and foremost, no questions asked. i think it goes without saying that family is no.1 in my life, but i can’t not mention my little furries. seriously, i am so obsessed with them and my heart swells when i think about them --> yes that is a phrase most people use to describe biological children but i promise you i'm not exaggerating. I LOVE THEM.

2. cookies

no brainer. you can never have too many and there is a different cookie for every occasion - i’m clearly passionate about this, haha. peanut butter cookies are always a staple that i have around the house, and they are SO easy to make from scratch. i have also been obsessed with these funfetti cookies that you get in the refrigerated section and then just stick in the oven. i usually make them for breakfast and they are gone by the end of the day. surprisingly not the biggest fan of chocolate chip cookies, though, cause sometimes they taste salty to me.


3. vans

everyone needs a good pair in their life, no matter where you live (hi boston people). i still have a few pairs that i wore back in high school. my tried and true: black old skool, white classic, check slip on, and these for a fun dash of color that’s still subtle enough to match your outfits.


4. eucalyptus candles

it’s the only kind of candle you need. i love to support a local company and have burned through several of their eucalyptus blend. i have also brought this one with me when i travel, and i leave it on my bedside table unlit - the scent is strong enough to make it work. and it's a little piece of home wherever i go :)


sunnies // tank // plaid shirt

5. plaid shirts

you guys.. these are my absolute stapleeeee. i don’t think i went anywhere in high school or college without one, and i still keep one in my car just in case. i have a ton by different brands (i didn’t include them all in the pictures simply because they wouldn’t fit nicely haha), but the ones i have by RAILS and lovers + friends just seem to hold up the best. i think they are worth the investment because when i wash them, they don’t get crinkle sleeves like some of my other ones do.

6. vegetable soup

for real. don’t roll your eyes. i cannot get enough - i try to have a bowl a day, and i don’t get sick of it. there is no set recipe for it, but i love to add tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, corn, and jalapeños to a veggie broth base. anything goes, really; the more the merrier. i recommend adding in veggies you don’t like because there’s something magical that goes on with the soup that makes them tolerable, almost yummy (ex: diced tomatoes)

7. fresh air

ok, so on one hand, duhh! cause you need air to breathe —> survive BUT i try to spend at least 15 minutes outside everyday just appreciating the outdoors and being mindful of my surroundings. there is nothing better than the afternoon breeze.


distressed tee // sunnies (wrong color)

and that’s it!! :) what are your must haves?