to write love on her arms


i have given this book to so many people as a little gift.. i highly recommend it.


this little placard was part of their 2017 suicide prevention campaign.. i left mine blank because i used it as a conversation starter with other people.


hi :) this is one of my favorite blogs that i’ll probably ever post. today i want to talk about one of my favorite non-profits ever, to write love on her arms.

i don’t even remember how i first heard about TWLOHA - that’s how long i’ve been a fan. to write love on her arms was started in 2006 by jaime tworkowski when he sold t-shirts to help a friend enter treatment for depression. he wrote a story to go with it called “to write love on her arms, ” which talked about how living better was possible, and then realized that there were many other people who needed help as well, and it’s grown like crazy ever since.

twloha has started conversations about depression, suicide, anxiety, and everything in between; they’re all about being open about mental health, getting the help you deserve (even if it isn’t necessarily clinical treatment - everyone is different), and spreading hope. i’ve seen them walking the lines at warped tour, interacting with people online, speaking up for equal rights, and being some of the first people to jump up and do something when terrible events happen. they are doing everything they possibly can to make things better for people.

i have been such a fan of everything that this non-profit does (and the way they do it) for so long, and i really would love it if you checked them out - you can do so here.

because here’s the thing: i think that whether or not you are personally affected by mental illness, you know someone who is - and you might not even realize it. but there’s power in knowledge, so learning about the ways mental illness affects people or simply just reminding yourself to stop and really listen to somebody makes a huge difference.

and even though it seems like a predictable thing to say, i am genuinely here for all of you that read this and you 100% deserve to live your happiest life (which does include a few bumps in the road). and i hope that TWLOHA impacts you in some way. ❤️ thank you for reading.

ps - the shirt I am wearing is by TWLOHA and is available here. and that's not an affiliate link. i have tonsss of their shirts and hoodies and would recommend any of them.