an afternoon at the bradley estate


these chickens were OBSESSED with lauren.. they were following her around like she was their long-lost mother. they didn't pay anyone else attention but her. it was the funniest thing ever. 


top // shorts // hat (wrong color trim but i have this one too)

how pretty is the bradley estate?! this was a TOTAL surprise but ended up being so fun. we went the day after I got back from NYC and i was down to have a low-key day hanging around the house, especially since my flight home was the following day. but my cousin lauren mentioned it, and my aunt kathy is also really into true food (ie. food that isn't processed and sprayed with a bajillion chemicals) so we decided to go check it out :) SO glad we did.

this estate was quintessential new england - everything was so green (hi, regular rainfall.. come to california. and i will never get sick of seeing hydrangeas everywhere.

while we were there, we got to see a llama named Ruby, a little kitty cat named Napoleon, and then chickens! these chickens were just wandering around free-range and all of a sudden they saw lauren and it was game over - they became so enamored with her! not chasing her or attacking her or anything, they were just following her (and only her!) around. i still don't know how we got back to the car without them.

side note.. sorry aunt kathy and uncle roy for eating something non-chicken at dinner.. 🙊🤦🏻‍♀️. ha

anyways.. this day really was the cherry on top of such a fun trip. i think summer on the east coast has grown on me a lot. i have always loved the fall/ winter months but the idea of high humidity has never made me super stoked. when i first arrived, we hit a big heat wave and i was kind of like, "wait.. this is the absolute worst it can get? this isn't so bad." so now naturally i want to go back next summer and explore other places. and of course see my family cause they really are the best 💛

thank you for reading! x