kristin ess rose gold temporary tint review



the other day while i was at target i saw the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint in the toothpaste aisle (clearly out of place) and decided it was a sign that i just had to try it. when i posted a photo of my hair on IG stories, i got a few questions about how i did it myself so i figure i would answer them all here.


what i used:

in the past i have used Davines conditioner (meant to help redheads keep their color vibrant) for a subtle, temporary pink tint. but this product is the first i have found that markets itself as a 3 day rose gold tint.

you can buy the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint here.


how i did it

i showered, let my hair dry a decent amount (it was barely damp), and then applied the product directly. you have to spray it all over - this product isn’t as blendable since it is a spray and not a cream or dye. full disclosure: i did this outside since i didn’t want the spray to stain my shower, but i ended up spraying some on my shower just to test it and it will wash right off.

my hair has been lightened, so the color is a bit more vibrant than non-colored hair would look. also - the bottle says to leave it in for two minutes, but i left it in my hair four about five. then just rinsed it out.


pros + cons

this was definitely fun for a few days. the product says it washes out in 3 shampoos and that was true for me. i use purple shampoo so that probably helped remove it a bit quicker than a “gentler” shampoo if you know what i mean. i will say though - in order to get it to be as vibrant as i wanted it to be, i applied it for longer than the recommended application time.

would i recommend it?

yes - i think it was great for three days, especially if you just want to try out a fun color, or want something more subtle (perfect for an office environment). however if you want the color to last a little longer, but still don’t want to commit to dye, i would recommend the Davines conditioner. 


thank you for reading! hope you have a good week :)