a beautiful day in boston


a beautiful day in boston

my mom + i spent thursday wandering around boston and it was one of the best days ever. i’ve seen a good amount of boston, but never really wandered around without a set agenda. what’s great about the city is that it isn’t ginormous so you can walk and see a good deal - and there’s a good variety in what you can see. of course there’s the historical stuff, but boston also has a ton of medicine and science, too (don’t ask me about sports because i’m allergic to the patriots). i am not a big guided tour person when traveling and i think you could really see boston on your own, especially if you follow along the freedom trail. and no matter how often i am here, i think seeing all of the older buildings will still be my favorite part, though (and the squirrels ha 😉).

top // jeans // hat


wagamama.. officially obsessed.


you can’t tell from this photo but not all of the streets are flat + smooth.. leave your heels at home 🙃


ok, let me tell you about the squirrels. we ended up sitting in boston common for a little bit and there were squirrels EVERYWHERE. at least 20. and they were super friendly/ unaffected by all of the humans walking around. we had some leftover snacks (nothing squirrels can’t have, promise) and fed them (like any good tourist ha). they were so bold and were literally eating out of our hands - see his cute little paw on my mom’s hand? honestly the highlight of the day. sparing you the other 50 squirrel photos..