lucky 13: shades of blue


happy Friday :) currently counting down the minutes until i can make a chai tea because i try to wait until 4 in the afternoon or so.. you know, for that second wind.

anyways i figured it had been a minute since i did a lucky 13 post so here we go..

1. my outfit details: beanie // top // jeans // vans

2. my mom and i shot these photos at an indie bookstore in carlsbad - here is their info in case you want to visit but just an FYI - a lot of the books they keep outside are a bit moldy :(


3. speaking of books and bookstores - obsessed with Robert Dugoni and this book of his. you have to read it - it really is like a movie in your head with the way the plot is structured. so good. and in a complete shift of gears, i’m going to read this next.

4. has anyone else made their 19 in 2019 list or made resolutions? i have such a good feeling about this year. but i do every year. love a fresh start.. even though you can do it whenever on your own. but i love the first two weeks of the year when everyone is on their nicest behavior haha.

5. maybe System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine will put out new music this year. i hope that’s their resolution. with how active the political discourse is the past few years i have been waitinggggg for The Battle of Los Angeles 2.0 and have been very disappointed so far.

6. who do you think is going to win the super bowl? my uncle is a big patriots fan so we had a good talk about their chances and i still don’t know. it will be nice to have the patriots not in it for the first time in a while.. but don’t tell my uncle i said that.

7. recently stumbled upon this article about burglars and what a readddd - i don’t know if i want to change everything or nothing after reading it but i know the common sense approach is to maybe stop watching so many crime shows.. which, not going to happen.


8. really wanting a chinchilla. really not sure if it would be worth the prison time. (they’re illegal to have as pets in california).


9. i did a little brainstorming for some of the people i want to interview for my truth talks series this year and fingers crossed it all works out. i’m exciteddd and hope you are, too.

10. there is a house a few blocks from us that has a bunch (like 7) mini ponies and i’m obsessed. like i try to not stop by that often because i don’t want to spook the neighbors but holy cuteness. i will have to share some pictures of them with you guys soon.


11. my mom and i are so behind on Drag Race All Stars it isn’t even funny. like haven’t watched a single episode. we will probably try to watch the whole thing over a weekend after the finale airs ha.

12. i got a new car last month after my old one completely died (a little prematurely, might i add) and all of the tech advancements in my car are crazy and so strange to get used to! you know you’re old nowadays when you learned how to drive a car without using a backup camera.

13. my mom also got a new car like 2 weeks before me so.. a lot of new new new going on. do you guys like change or does it freak you out? one of my cousins hates change and i love it - more of that yin yang thing coming through. but i think if you think of change as something new as opposed to just big differences it makes it more livable and fun..

so here is to new and a good year ahead! thank you so much for reading 💛 hope you have a good weekend! x