3 simple hairstyles for valentine's day


hope you have all had a good week! this week has been quite busy but SO good. at the risk of being too vague, i will say that i have been waking up about an hour to an hour and a half earlier every day this month and have also been trying to be a lot more intentional and mindful and i really could not be happier with the results. i know most people have moved past new year’s resolutions and are deep into the swing of things, but you can change absolutely anything at any time and if you are giving it all your effort, the results are so worth it.

anyways.. i wanted to share three quick little hairstyles you can do for valentine’s day or really any other day. i don’t consider myself to be a hair expert so these are all really easy to do and don’t take much time, either.

also! these hairstyles can be done on any length or thicknesss of hair - call it coincidence or the fact that i don’t like to do anything elaborate and have never worn extensions.

lastly, i know some people aren’t into valentine’s day - i am not ride-or-die for the day but i have always loved how holidays make things a little more fun than usual. so no matter what your plans are, give one of these hairstyles a try and i hope you enjoy the day! 💖


(1) rose gold bow

maybe it was because i was a cheerleader in high school, but i will always love a good bow! obviously i don’t think my big oversized cheer bows are great for everyday anymore, but i will still use little ribbons now and again. the bow pictured was actually part of a headband at a little girls’ store that i just cut off and attached to a bobby pin to, then pinned to the end of my bow. adding ribbons or bows finishes a look and slightly elevates it without having to do anything fancy - i just did a regular three-strand braid and pulled it apart slightly to make it bigger.

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(2) bandana pony

easy, easy, EASY. i think this is a fun twist on a simple pony that we all do all the time. i chose pink but you could use literally any bandanna - they are super cheap at places like Target or craft stores. to create this look, i placed the bandanna flat on a table with one corner pointing towards me (like a diamond shape), and the rolled it from one end to the other.. and then you tie it in a simple knot in your hair! done :)

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(3) rose gold hair

saving arguably the most fun for last 💖 i tried out this product last summer and not only was it so fun and easy to do, but it became one of my most popular posts to date and i still get questions about it. see this post to learn exactly how to do it and for all of my tips and tricks, but here is a quick run down:

the Rose Gold Temporary Tint is available to buy at Target. you apply it to wet hair - the product is a spray, and you have to spray everywhere that you want the color (it doesn’t blend out or transfer around). the color will last for 3 washes (about a weekend) and won’t damage your hair, color treated or not. the color will show up best on lightened hair but will still add a tint if your hair is brunette. and who doesn’t want pink hair on Valentine’s Day? ha

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thank you for reading!

happy valentine’s day!