sunday morning


oh, sunday morning 💛

hi :) wanted to share this fun little group of photos..

there is nothing better than a cozy sweater or spending the morning with cute pups.. especially when it’s super cold and rainy outside.

these photos were shot in the living room - i loveeee the white brick and it’s one of my favorite parts of the house. i don’t have too much to share so i figured i would do a random little update:

currently reading: I Refuse for the Devil to Take My Soul: Inside Cook County Jail by Lili Holzer-Glier .. this is more of a coffee table book but it’s absolutely incredible. highly recommend.

last thing i watched: Windy City Rehab - i’ve been super into interior design as of lately for no particular reason

currently listening to: The Getaway by RHCP.. which is probably why half of these photos are a smoked out black and white.

last thing i bought: Honest Magic Beauty Balm Stick.. you guys have to try it, it’s so good. i put it basically everywhere on my face.

can’t wait to: take my mom to see Aerosmith in a few weeks.

something that’s been making me smile: the smell of fireplaces going when i’m out walking in the neighborhood.. no idea if breathing that in is bad for you or not but i think it’s my favorite scent on the planet.

obsessed with: how much it’s been raining lately! absolutely love it.

thankful for: health, happiness, and tacos (naturally)

hope you all have a good week :)


no morning is complete without pup snuggles ♥️ (honestly we are snuggling almost 24/7..)


clearly silly like their mom 🙈

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