the butterfly effect


i’ve had a thing with butterflies lately 🦋

not too long ago, i was watching a movie that mentioned the idea that a butterfly’s wings could cause a storm thousands of miles away. it got me thinking about just how impactful we are, because i never really think about it much.

so much of our days consist of responsibilities, to-do lists, and random coincidences that we don’t really think about - it’s autopilot and we get lost in it. rarely do we ask ourselves what we want to do today, how we’re feeling, or whether we’re excited about where things are going.. which makes sense, because who has time to be intentional all the time?

no one does. but at the same time, it should be all we have time for.

it shouldn’t take a major, life-changing event to initiate the changes you want to make.

but at the same time, you don’t have to change your life to make a difference.

do you ever stop to think about how the most fleeting interactions can impact others? choosing to smile at someone sitting across from you in traffic or wishing someone a good day as you pick up your coffee from the mobile order station.. those “blink and you miss it” moments can be more impactful than we think.

to me, that’s the butterfly effect.

and although i don’t know exactly what has led you to this blog post, while you’re here, i hope this post maybe encourages you to think differently about how the smallest, most delicate, or unexpected moments can lead to some of the most exhilarating, sparkly changes in your life, or in others’ lives.

you just don’t know.

because things change all the time, yet at the same time they don’t. maybe things stay the same and it’s just our perspective that changes.

who knows for sure? x


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funnily enough,

i had butterflies on my mind and then the major butterfly migration happened, which was absolutely magical to see. realists will say that was a scientific event that had nothing to do with the thoughts in my head but 1. that’s no fun. and 2. i am choosing to see it as special and significant.

for me, it was kind of like a major-life example of “the white car effect” taking place. i had been thinking about the butterfly effect and trying to learn more about it and integrate it into my way of viewing things, and then all of a sudden, there were butterflies EVERYWHERE. it was absolutely unreal.

and as quickly as they came, they all left (continuing their journey up north).

everything changes and somehow still seems to stay the same all at once..

that’s the butterfly effect.



in case you haven’t noticed, yes i am wearing two different tops in this post. just couldn’t decide between the two 🤷🏻‍♀️

.. and you know, vans for life.


- photos by morgan -