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$9 healthy hair

in the spirit of more hair posts, i wanted to share a little secret with you :)

so i’ve mentioned before that i don’t own a hair brush, which is cringey to some but to be honest i don’t ever really need one.. and this product is why. it’s only 9$ and i get it on Amazon - you can get it a little cheaper if you auto-ship, which i do every other month.

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rad coffee

rad coffee is a coffee shop in upland that caught my eye a loongggg time ago. i’ll spare you the details for why i was in upland since it was really short-lived (and i never lived there) but this coffee shop is. so. popular. it’s because of their little monster shakes and the punk theme.. which you know i can 100% get behind.

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3 simple hairstyles for valentine's day


hope you have all had a good week! this week has been quite busy but SO good. at the risk of being too vague, i will say that i have been waking up about an hour to an hour and a half earlier every day this month and have also been trying to be a lot more intentional and mindful and i really could not be happier with the results. i know most people have moved past new year’s resolutions and are deep into the swing of things, but you can change absolutely anything at any time and if you are giving it all your effort, the results are so worth it.

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kristin ess rose gold temporary tint review

hiii! the other day while i was at target i saw the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint in the toothpaste aisle (clearly out of place) and decided it was a sign that i just had to try it.

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